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Creating community: Vegan, Permaculture, Organics, Self Sufficency, Natural Health y Mutual Respect  RSS feed

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Location: South America, at the moment
forest garden medical herbs
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A beautiful positively life inspiring day to you.

I am interested in creating a successful Living Education Community now!


Self Sufficency,
Natural Health and Healing
Wild life and Domesticated Animals rescue and Rehabilitation (possibly)
Indigenous Living Skills (Survival Skills)
Veganism / Animals and natures Rights and Liberation
Re/Learning the Silent and Sounded Languages of Nature,
Mutual Respect and more

Its essential to me to live 100 percent off the grid and food and herbal medicine self sufficent!

A bit about who I am...

I am moving to live and to create a kindred community of close, trusted beautiful friends,
to celebrate life, and creating the life I am clear I need and want to be living for myself.

I am interested in befriending kindred spirits
and enjoying sharing what we are passionate about within our lives.

I am always curious to learn more about what inspires people within their life,
as well as their dreams and aspirations.

I am interested in possibly working together with you,
as well also creating incredible friendships!

I am diversified within my skills, expertise and experience,
which are all integrated to create a very successful business
and extremely happy, peaceful and satisfied customers.

I grew up immersed in Permaculture, Organics Natural Health, Montessri Education, Self sufficency...

I have been professionally and personally working with permaculture most of my life!

Growing up, our yard was almost entirely edible and medicinal.

As a few examples of my professional experiences...

I have designed, implemented and grown small and large scale organic gardens,
created food forests of sub/tropicals and other global selection of ethnobotanicals
in my nursery was over 6000 edibles, medicinals and a few utilitarian plants too.

Ive grown all the plants myself within my own organic world plant nursery.

I sold some of the excess plants and produce on line and in living person.

I have also designed and integrated 180 acres of medicinal herb gardens
into a pre-existing 380 acre farm, was one of my paid projects for others.

Ive taught others how to wild forage,
the identification of plants, preparations and uses
Creating from wild crafted and domestically grown herbs
salves, tintures, etc.

This included how to properly harvest, store and prepare
for marketing to retail and whole sale businesses.

As well as,
creating my own lotions, salves, tinctures for myself
and for sale, when I was managing the retail medicinal herbal department.

I have assisted in creating a series of Earth bag dome construction homes.
Previously and afterwards, assisting with straw bail, rammed earth,
and bamboo constructions.

I have owned and operated my own successful Natural Health business
for over 25 years,
and have been working internationally,
both as a solo therapist,
and at other times, managing employees.

I have worked as well in collaboration with other health professional
and within others businesses,
some of which I have managed.
My focus is as a massage therapist,
which I offer 12 different approaches,
as a medicinal herbalist (and ethnobotanist)
as a hypnotherapist (NLP),
and as a counselor(Gestalt, Co-counseling and other approaches).

I also teach and give workshops in multi approaches to meditation,
chi gong,
massage therapy, medicinal herbalism,
ecstatic dance,
personal boundaries,
self discovery through self expression
and other therapeutic approaches to healing and living life.

I started meditation and yoga when I was 8.
I added Tai Chi and Chi Gong at age 15.

My web site is..

My web site integrates some of what I offer as a natural health professional,
as well as, aspects as a wilderness skills instructor and guide.
None of my work with permaculture is listed here.

I have worked in a retreat and wilderness / scientific studies centre
in South America,
where I taught permaculture,
as well as..
managing the gardens, nursery, greenhouses and food forest.

I was the manager of the project.
I was also responsible for being the receptionist-scheduling
and welcoming guests from all around the world,
preparing and coordinating accommodations.

I was also a nature guide and skills instructor,
indigenous living skills (survival skills to some),
rock climbing, camping, hiking, cycling, wild crafting, navigation,
shelter building, felting, plant id-prep n uses, mountaineering-in the past, etc.
providing various therapies,
assisting with house keeping, maintenance,
supervising the volunteers and directing their activities,
and as a vegan chef
and more at a wilderness retreat centre in the wilderness.

Additionally, I have co-owned and operated
a successful Wilderness Skills and Guiding company,
along with my long time friend, Ryan Haeseley.
Integrating movement, meditation, conscious relationships with nature, etc

Ryan is extremely happy to speak with you,
as excellent professional references for me.
He is also, a Naturopath

I have been a wilderness skills instructor and guide professionally
for over 20 years in Canada, Ecuador, Peru, Australia, Thailand n in the u.s.,
besides an extensive history of personal wilderness experiences around the globe.

I have professionally taught and guided people in
indigenous living skills (survival skills to some),
rock climbing, camping, hiking, cycling, wild crafting, navigation,
shelter building, felting, plant id-prep n uses, mountaineering-in the past,
re/learning the silent and sounded languages of nature
and much much more.

More recently,
I worked independently teaching
and guiding people in the wilderness of Thailand,
and continuing my natural health practice.

My first language is English
with my second being, Spanish.

I am learning Danish y Portugeuse

I am naturally confident and comfortable with myself.

All of my life I have been immersed in learning the important life arts and skills,
be it, what I have listed above or in addition below...

I am long time social/political activist for animals and nature,
indigenous people still keeping to their traditional manners of living in respect with nature, etc.

I love animals and have had many close friendships with all kinds of animals.

A vegan for 30+ years and support animal and nature liberation through direct action,
for even longer!

I enjoy doing performance and other kinds of arts
especially my experimental music, theatre, movement,
storytelling and more,
though it is not a major focus of my life for sometime now.

I am happy to send you my CV, letters of recommendations,
which give you a bit more information.

I am open to discuss in details, mutually laying everything honestly and up front on the table.

Its the only only way I work with people!

I welcome your correspondence and becoming friends and sharing.

And the potential of having a highly successful work and or living within community relationship together.

If that is the kind of relationship we mutually chose to co create together.

I enjoy creating synergestic relationships
with people, immersed within MUTUAL RESPECT,
which included constructive, open and honest communications and nothing less then.

I have absolutely no tolerance nor respect for ANY type of dogmatism,
be it relgious, political, social, etc.

I love getting to know people for the individuals they are and have created themselves to be.

I have no interest in limiting myself nor anyone else to stereotypes, social norms, etc of what is
masculine, feminine, atheist, anarchist, political, where you are from etc etc etc.

I love life passionately and am discerning within whom I consciously welcome into my life.
We are only given one life within this embodiment,
I am focused upon living it fully, healthily, creatively, positively and...

So, I welcome truely mutually respectful people who are kindred into my life to co create win win relationships.

It is easiest to reach me via WHATS APP.
+56 9 9297 8038
In the northern Patagonia presently.

Live your dreams in every moment
and be focused upon who you really need to be to be truest to yourself.


Now is the happiest times of our lives
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I am interested in this, and would like seeing what further way of communicating relating to this might be possible.
Posts: 26
Location: USDA Zone 6b, Coastal New England
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Conner Murphy wrote:I don't think it's possible to live off grid and be healthy and self sufficient without raising animals for food.  You'd need to constantly supplement to make up for the massive amount of nutrition you'd lack from excluding animal foods from your diet.

The research I am familiar with indicate that the only difficult nutrient to acquire off-grid is B12. B12 is produced by bacteria which live, amongst other places, in animal microbiomes; including humans. In most mammals these bacteria are most active the large intestine, and B12 produced there doesn't get absorbed into the blood stream. Vegetarian species often eat their own feces (rabbits et al). Ruminants have the bacteria in their rumen (fermenting organ in their gut) so they don't have to eat their own feces to obtain B12. There have been studies on populations of humans eating a plant-based diet where B12 deficiency is not a problem. Their corresponding living conditions (exposure to feces through contaminated water etc) may be responsible. Some people have suggested that foraging wild roots can assist (I haven't seen studies to back this claim). Anecdotally, I rarely supplement B12 and my related hormone levels have always been fine (testing every-other year or so for the last decade; vegetarian for nearly 25 years, vegan for the last 6).

- Intestinal Bacteria as a Vitamin B12 Source
- To B12 or not to B12: Five questions on the role of cobalamin in host-microbial interactions

- My statements are not medical advice. You should follow the guidance of a qualified physician or nutritionist when making dietary choices. My anecdotes are no promise or guarantee that you will experience similar results.
Posts: 38
Location: West Palm Beach, FL
forest garden homestead urban
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J Webb wrote:Vegetarian species often eat their own feces (rabbits et al).

So are you suggesting that vegetarians who want to be "off-grid" eat their own feces as opposed to taking B12 supplements???  That's gonna be a hard one to sell.

Sure, you can have a functioning body on a vegetarian diet.  But it takes a lot of work.  The whole reason that humans' digestive system to brain size ratio is what it is, is because we've eaten meat for millennia.  The nutrient density of animal products allows much more time to think and develop skills between meals.

I wasn't trying to turn this thread into an argument against veganism, but I wanted to point out the logical inconsistency of equating this "natural" lifestyle with veganism.  In my mind they are almost mutually exclusive.  The amount of resources you'd have to consume to be vegan and off-grid is insanely more than it would take to have a normal diet and raise livestock.  Especially if you're having kids... I wouldn't want to risk that potential malnourishment.  

Let's drop it here, unless the OP wants to talk about this.
master pollinator
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Location: Toronto, Ontario
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One of the things addressed in Paul and Shawn's new book, the link to the kickstarter to which I have in my signature, is veganism.

One of the things discussed is the situations in which and types of veganism that qualify as way better for the planet than conventional western omnivorism. Another topic addressed is how vegans can benefit from caring for animals. If you've ever looked at Rabbit Rescue sites or groups, you know how many bunnies there are that could use fur-ever homes.

He also addresses many issues having to do with potentially conflicting ideas about permaculture and community. If there are those here that haven't at least looked at the project, I would strongly suggest it.

Hell, back it. I did. It doesn't have to be much. Get a hard copy for a $15 pledge.

J Webb
Posts: 26
Location: USDA Zone 6b, Coastal New England
books cat forest garden kids cooking urban writing
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@Connor - I'm not suggesting vegans eat shit; I'm just presenting some facts about B12. Personally, I hope to see some studies which test the claims about wild-foraging as a potential B12 source.

@Chris - I listened to the podcast episode which covers diet chapter from Building a Better World. I'm looking forward to examining the impact numbers in more detail once it's available. In general I agree with many of the points made by Paul & Shawn. One of the reasons I'm interested in gardening & permaculture to begin with is to minimize my dependence on food tainted by practices which harm the environment and/or animals.

@Jann - To bring it back to you... What are your positions on beekeeping and vermicomposting as a vegan and animal rights/liberation activist?
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