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Has anyone used Dwolla yet.


It is like paypal but fees are 25 cents a transaction rather than a percentage.
this sounded interesting,
i dug around their site for how it sets up in shopping carts, i guess it only works with the few that are listed under developers/carts.
which all have their owns set of fees. like $30/month for starters. and a % of each sale...pffft.

the 1st one ,shopify, has a 'gateway' page listing dozens of other services, which may be similar to Dwolla...i got overwhelmed at this point and will check it all out when i remake my site..

looking again at dwolla. they do have a "hub" page you can add on your website or facebook etc for people to send or request money. and that is free.
pretty cool,needs further study

the issue i see is in order to get paid people will have to go create a new account on this thing, and link their personal bank account(s) to it(which will take a few days to clear).
most would rather use their credit card,or already are use to using paypal. who's heard of dwolla,or can even pronounce it right ?
with CC/paypal there are also measures/protections in place for customers and merchants to use for issues that arise. dwolla seems like it's a direct wire transfer with "no backsies" ?

i like that 25c flat fee though.

are you using it currently?
I set up an account. My bank details were not required.
It sounds like a real credit card company killer.
That is a good thing because they are EVIL.

Here is an article on Dwolla:
I just set up an account too. The process was clean and simple. After reading over much of the site I liked what was presented. Hopefully this will grow exponentially and put a damper on the consumer disadvantage offered to us by commercial banks.
Only in the US, Pity!
still not available in Canada, pity.
I now have a dwolla account.

How do people send me money? I told it my email address - that's how paypal does it.


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