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Demonstrate the varied skills associated with making delicious food with a focus on local ingredients, from-scratch cooking, and non-electric or energy-saving methods. The skills displayed and developed will include the basic care and maintenance of cookware, developing techniques that can be applied broadly across many cooking and preserving actions, making use of ingredients that might otherwise go to waste, and the various methods for ensuring that you maximize the longevity of foodstuffs by means that expand on the options for flavor and usage.

Declare your Omnivore/Vegan Track (found below)
Declare your Grain/Non-grain Track (found below)
Source local and ethical ingredients (100-mile radius)
Seasonality of ingredients
Cutting board care and system
Brew coffee 2 ways
  French press
  Vacuum brew
  Single-cup filter
  Cowboy coffee
Display the ability to do all of the following:
  Dice an onion
  Slice/shred a cabbage
  Oblong cuts
  Matchstick a carrot
  Crush garlic
  Prep a chili
  Peel a tomato
  Pit cherries or similar fruit such as olives
  Core and peel an apple using a knife
Make a simple syrup
Juice a lemon
Make stock or broth
Create a compound butter (Can be vegan or grain-free butter)
Thicken a soup (create a slurry/whitewash, grain-Free may use arrowroot, tapioca starch, coconut milk, blended vegetables, etc)
Make a white roux
Stir fry
Cook a pasta a dente (Firm, but no white starch in the center if bisected) Can be grainless pasta
Make a gravy, sauce, or pan sauce
Baking a Potato or Sweet Potato
Refrigerator pickles
Basic saurkraut
Dry herbs
    Herb/seasoning mix
Air dehydrate food
Make a simple jam
Alternate Cooking List (Use 2 of these methods between 4 dishes)
    Thermal cooking
         Hay box
    Solar oven
    Wood stove
    No-bake cookies or cake
    Rice cooker
    Open fire
    Rocket stove (mini)
    Alcohol stove
    Methane burner
    Pit cooking
    Salt dome/clay bake
    Cob oven
    One charcoal brick cooking (biochar)
    Candle cooking
Cook Grains (rice, oats, bulgar, etc), Rice Beans, or Lentils in 2 of the following ways:
   Overnight in a crockpot
   Rice cooker or instant pot
Uncured cheeses (Complete 1)
    Whole milk ricotta
    Walnut ricotta
    Cottage cheese
    Firm nut cheese, uncultured
Cultured creams/cheeses (Select 1)
    Sour cream
    Cultured cheddar
    Nut-cheese versions

Organic sourcing
Make-ahead meals
Meal planning
Develop a food storage system
Eating-out kit
Plan and execute a picnic
Hone Knives
Season a cast Iron
Line a cake tin
Increase reusable items
Using a mortar and pestel
Make an extract
Blanch vegetables
Wedge a citrus
Clarify a broth
Make a blond roux
Caramelize onions
Pan fry
Whipped cream/meringue
Frost a cake
Tomato sauce
Roasted veggies
Baked squash
Prepare sunchokes (without the harvesting)
Do the remainder of the grain list
Improvise and use a double boiler
One-Pot meal with crock-pot or instant pot cooking
Pressure cooking beans
Prebake a pie shell
Ice Cream/sherbert/sorbet
Display all candy stages (softball, hardcrack, etc) and create a brittle
Complex saurkraut or kimchi
Fermented pickle
Fermented hot sauce
Make a vinegar
Standard yogurt or kefir (can be non-dairy)
Freeze veggies or fruit
Make homemade pectin
Demonstrate the jell stages
Make a jelly
Water bath vanning
Canned water
Mushroom powder
Using dried foods
Make baking powder from scratch
Fermented mustard
Alternate cooking list (Use 2 more on 4 dishes)
Modify 2 recipes to substitute ingredients (flour type, meat, sweetener, etc)
Scraps: Using fruit trimmings (Complete 2)
    Apple scrap vinegar
    Fruit peel jelly
    Citrus peel extract
    Apple core agrodolce
    Apple core bourbon
    Candy peel/ginger/fruit
    Pickled watermelon rind
    Unlisted uses for fruit trimmings.
Scraps: Using stale bread (grain-free possible) Leftovers (Complete 2)
    French toast
    Bread crumbs
    Bread pudding
    Bulk a meatloaf
    Cheesy toast circles for French onion soup
    Thicken soup
    Unlisted use of stale bread
Scraps: Bones and/or Vegetable Trimmings and skins (Complete 2)
    Beet leaf
    Broccoli stem slaw
    Kale stems (saute and add to other dishes)
    Chard stems in butter
    Radish leaf pesto
    Mulor shaak
    Potato peel crisps
    Stewed cauliflower leaf
    Fish bone crackers
    Unlisted scrap use
Scraps: Leftover Starches (Complete 2)
    Fried rice
    Rice pudding
    Sweet lentil pudding
    Refried beans
    Fried bean cakes
    Leftover beans as into a dip/hummus
    Dehydrate into 'instant' refried beans
    Potato bread/rolls
    Homemade gnocchi
Uncured cheeses (Complete 1 more)
Cultured creams/cheeses (Select 2 more)


Under construction


Under construction

The Tracks
Once you select a given track, these will be the sets you select from when indicated throughout the badge. Picking both adds oddball points for each level.

Ethical Omnivore Track:
   Focus: Opening up skills to handle a broad range of ingredients. This includes some animal-based products. A heavy focus is on making complete use of the animal and on ethical sourcing and production.
Separate an egg
Demonstrate the ability to do 3 of the following Egg Techniques
 Fry in cast iron without sticking to the pan
 Soft boil
 Hard boil
 3 egg omelet
Sear a steak
Roast a chicken
Beef Gravel
Break down a chicken
Catch, gut and break down a fish or other form of seafood
Demonstrate the ability to do the remaining 4 Egg Techniques
Stuff a burger/roast
Bind a roast
Baked/steamed custard
Mayo or aoli
Perfectly crisp a fish skin
Make butter
Brown butter
Make home-cured bacon
Powdered milk cheese
Alcohol stored eggs as eggnog
Cured yolk
Stuff a sausage with a funnel or sausage press
Fridge hung meat
Scraps: Whey (Select 4)
 Ricotta from the whey left after another cheese
 Cooking pasta In
 Use as a fermentation starter
 Presoak grains
 Presoak beans
 Replace the liquid in a dough recipe
 Use as the Liquid for a stock
 Use to thicken a gravy
 Use in a smoothie
 Tenderize meat with it
 Marinade base
 Use to make mayo, horseradish sauce or salad dressing
 Lemon whey pie
 Use as a drink
 Lacto-fermented applesauce
 Brine a turkey
 Make caramel using whey
Under construction
Under construction

Vegan Track:
   Focus: Either for ethical or dietary reasons, some people are unable to eat animal-based products. While the number of skills handled here is lower than the Ethical Omnivore Track, it is made up for by difficulties in accomplishing the local sourcing for ingredients. In some cases, certain things are simply unavailable locally in many areas and are imported. (Coconut and Seaweed for example) This means it will require greater skill and consideration to bypass these limitations.
Add extra B12 to your cooking through 2 of these sources:
 Find innovative ways to use sourdough starter
 Cremini mushrooms
 Nutritional yeast
 Homemade marmite
Shell a nut so that the meat is whole
Seared mushrooms
Roast a cauliflower
Dehydrated plain tofu
Make almond milk from shell-on almonds
Make coconut milk from a fresh coconut
Add extra B12 to your cooking by using the remaining 3 options.
Make a bean burger
Vegan mayo or aoli
Perfectly pan-fry potatoes
Make vegan butter
Vegan brown butter
Zucchini lasagna
Banana peel bacon or daikon bacon
Vegan cheese sauce
Vegan custard or custard sauce
Vegan jerky
Stuff vegan sausage in a vegan casing
Sprout nuts
Meatless pemmican
Make leather breech beans
Sprout grain
Do special planning and keep records of meals to ensure your weekly diet has each of the following:
 Complete Proteins daily
 Sufficient B12
 Sufficient zink
 Sufficient iron
 Sufficient calcium
 A plan for reducing inhibitors and oxalates
Under construction
Under construction

Elder Grains Track:
   Focus: Wheat may be the staff of life, but there's a broad range of healthful grains to pick from. Whole grain flours are better than heavily processed ones, and there's far more than wheat to pick from. Even ancient versions of wheat can be far better for your overall health. As you move down this track, you'll learn how to work with many grains.
Make a self-rising flour
Lard/butter/shortening pie dough
Alkaline noodles
Pita or similar flat-bread
Kneaded loaf of bread
Batter bread/cornbread/pancakes/waffles
General: whole wheat for at least 50 percent of all grain-centric dishes.
Begin a wild sourdough
Homemade pasta
Hashbrowns on cast iron
Bagels or pretzels
Dinner rolls
Pizza dough
Sponge cake
Pound cake
Under construction
Under construction

Grain-Free Track:
   Focus: Since many are gluten intolerant and some are unable to eat grains and starches at all, this track focus' on the skills needed to bypass these issues. As with the Vegan track, it can be difficult to source local ingredients, so the higher levels can require a great deal of effort and some things may be unavailable in your area.
Grainless self-rising flour means tartar is replaced with another acid
Pie dough from almonds or similar
Alkaline grain-free noodles
Kale flatbread
Grainless loaf
Grainless biscuits
Batter bread/pancakes/waffles  - Grain-free versions
Salmon patties
Zucchini noodles (peeler method)
Bagels or pretzels (almond flour and baking soda)
Grainless rolls
Cauliflower crust pizza
Grainless graham crackers
Grainless sponge cake
Grainless pound cake
Under construction
Under construction
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