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39yo Male in Australia
Hi there,

About 4 years ago I gave up my corporate lifestyle and moved from the Gold Coast, Australia about 4 hours West and started a Permaculture homestead on the NSW QLD border near the beautiful town of Goondiwindi.

I have so much already set up and I really love my little part if the world, but unfortunately I cannot seem to meet a like minded female to share my life with.

I love kids and while I don't have any of my own I would be very accepting of yours

If you you would like to chat just leave me a message and let's see what happens

Good luck Hamish - I've been to Goondiwindi and it was a lovely little spot waaaaay back in the 80s.
Hello Hamish,
I'd love to chat. You may recieve a duplicate message from me as the last one disapeared while I was typing. I'm a 37yr old woman from Alaska, currently living in Vanuatu on the island of Santo with my 3 young adopted children (7yr, 4yr, and 6months) and enjoying the permaculture life by proxy. We are renting a traditional house with solar lights, renewable wood fire cooking, catchment water and septic. Organic garden and livestock.
This type of life is what I'm looking for and as you can see, I am willing to travel to find it. We are looking for a wonderful guy who would like to join our merry band. We are scheduled to return to the USA in mid november if nothing pops up to change our plans. I'd love to hear from you.
Hi Hamish
Have you found your permaqueen yet?
I'm looking for someone to set up a green home with. I'm currently listed on the dating site Oasisactive.com and my username is OrangeSwirl. Perhaps you'd like to check out my profile and get back to me here or there if you'd like to chat further.
Hi!!!  We are both on east coast of Australia.  I have lived in NNSW before and loved the area - this is near you, right?  Please check out my post called "Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia..." or check it our via clicking on my name and searching for my post titled as stated.  I'd love to check out a photo of you as a picture tells a thousand words!!
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