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Frequently Asked Questions Video Series
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Hi folks,

I've started a new series on my channel to cover some of the more FAQ's that come my way. I'll be covering all kinds of things ranging from Aquaponics, geodesic domes, rocket mass heaters, and other cool stuff. I hope you enjoy it! FYI, my channels is at http://youtube.com/web4deb.

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Rob, i like the part where you list me as one of your favorite youtube channels! thanks!
Hey Rob,
glad to see you on Permies.

I love what you have done. It is perhaps the very best greenhouse I've ever seen, and I love what you have been doing.

I love your RMH as well.
Hi Rob, I watched some of your videos and realized I'd seen several before. Excellent work. Nice how you combine rocket heating, earth tubes and aquaponics. Seems a little permaculturish! Glad you have shared all of this information, Thank you!
Steve Gibson
Latest FAQ video, presented in living color!

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I emailed Rob after I saw his video posted here as he is only 20 minutes from me and I asked if I could take a look at what he had done.
After visiting, all I can say is "Wow!". The videos don't do it justice. To see first hand all the work he has completed, all the thought and planning he has done.
Thanks for the tour Rob and can't wait till your open house in April.

My pleasure. I'm already busy planning the open house...and trying to get some more of the greenhouse finished!!!
FAQ #4 is here! Make sure you watch at the end to see if I can ever pronounce "Anglo-Saxon".

oh! thats you! lol
i modeled my small indoor aquaponics system off your design by the way, thanks for sharing that video a while back
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