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My introduction and WHY I choose this lifestyle

Posts: 143
Location: North East Wisconsin
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In reading posts made by other folks here and then the merit badges that can be earned here, I concluded that this group aligns with my goal for self sufficiency and self reliance in what appears to be a very low tech, "off-grid" lifestyle of gardening, foraging, animal husbandry, building, providing your own energy, cooking, hunting, making ones own textiles and all the things that center around a upcoming time when we will be left to our own devices/knowledge/skill sets and experiences we master along this journey in preparation of what will come. It appears to be an off grid/prepping group which I very much agree with and support.

I grew up very poor. All that is discussed here in this forum is how 8 of us lived as farmers/gardeners/hunters/fishers/foragers that were very poor. We made what we needed, only heated with wood, canned/preserved/froze/dehydrated/etc with the focus on the future. It was a sustenance lifestyle rather than a prepper/off grid lifestyle. Im thankful for this meager upbringing as it prepared me in advance for this future. Essentially, Im just returning to the life I know as a kid/young adult.

Im nearing age 60. My wife and I raised a few kids that are now married with kids of their own. For 3 decades we did the suburban thing as I focused on an engineering/design career with the main focus on medical devices (Diagnostic imaging such as CT, MRI, X-ray, PET and other tools to look inside folks) but she and I wanted to get back to the off grid lifestyle in the middle of know where.

Ive not yet retired from my engineering job but when covid hit, we were sent to work from home and I have been doing that since 2020. I approached my manager and told him that if Ive not been in the office in 3 years, it ought not matter how remote my location is. He agreed and now, instead of living a 14 minute round trip to the office, were are an 8 hour round trip to the office.

While I'm leaving my job working for somebody else, I started my own company back in 2015 that has taken off beyond my wildest dreams so  once I leave my current job I can focus all my attention on my own company.

We searched high and low for the perfect homestead location to settle on and before we committed to the new homestead and acreage, it had to meet all of our "MUST HAVE" features as this is our "last stop" to ride out what is going to happen to all of us. EVERYBODY here has reasons for adopting the permaculture (or off grid/self reliant/gardening/foraging) lifestyle.

We can all have our reasons for WHY? even if they are vastly different. I will forewarn you now that if you have not followed the fields of science and nature or read the scientific journals and peer reviewed papers that I have over the years, what you are about to read is going to make you think "This guy is off his rocker".

Our reasons mainly center on what is currently happening to earth and those of us that live on it with the main focus on the pending changes the earth will see in the next 10 or 20 years. I'm talking about the upcoming pole flip that is not a matter of if but rather "WHEN" this will take place and knowing whats happening means we wont be unprepared or caught off guard.

Aside from engineering, I study and follow, Cosmology, Paliomagetisim, earth physics, Astronomy and the repeatable cycles in the natural world. (I am not alone in this field of study.) Every indicator I research points to another flipping of the earth's poles (except this one will take place in my lifetime) so the must have features of our new homestead location had to include them

The many must haves are (in no particular order)

1. Acreage to allow to have an expansive garden space and livestock rearing area that allows for hunting/foraging. So regardless of what takes place we will have food, water and shelter.

2. Privacy (no neighbors) remote living in the middle of the woods (the nearest town is 8 miles away with only 1700 people that are mosty first nation/tribal folks). Less desperate/hungry folks around that did not prepare for the hard times.

3. Access to both moving and fixed water (stream and lakes within short walking distance)

4. Regional elevation (meaning that for the state we live in, we are at or near the highest elevation in the entire state)

5. Still being near enough to all the kids and grand kids as we prepare a place for them to join us at the proper time.

6. Not near any nuke reactors or down wind of them (based on prevailing wind patterns)

7. NOT near any rail lines meaning no worries from derailments and chem. spills into ground water/streams and gas clouds effecting us.  

8. Not anywhere near a seismic zone.

9. Not near any current or historic volcanoes (or down wind of them based on historic wind patterns)

10. Be at or near the same latitude before and after the pole flip based on the data left behind by the prior pole flips that have taken place and captured in the rocks and captured via paliomagnitism and frozen in the ice cores detailed in Captain White's book "World in peril" ). This time, the pole flip puts Greenland at the equator.

Our choice of location is based on us being self sustaining without the power grid as that will fail (and not return for decades if at all) after a CME unleashed by the sun reaches earth.

There are 3 things required for what the records show will be the 7th flip of the earth poles that have been discovered thus far (although I suspect there have been others that date back further than have been discovered).

1. The earths north and south magnetic poles have to migrate a great deal from where that were from their historic locations.

The North magnetic pole has migrated more in the last 20 years than it has in the previous 160 years. The pole migration started in 1895 with the Carrington event which hit earth. Here is the recorded locations of the north magnetic pole.

The south magnetic pole does not has far to travel for the flip but its steadily moving too.

2. The earth's magnetic field (magnetosphere) which protects the earth from the energy sent at us by the sun has to weaken enough that a massive CME can reach the earth. Right now the Earth's magnetic field is the weakest its been since the 1895 Carrington event. Its loosing strength at about 10% per decade now)

3. A massive CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) from the sun that is Earth facing (meaning its erupts directly at earth's direction) or a micro-nova from the sun (worse than a CME) has to take place. When these threee take place, the flip will take place as the earth's crust will be unlocked from the mantle (it happens to earth every 12000 years).

We are in solar cycle 25 and nearing sunspot maximum (which should peak in 2025) Couple that with the rapid decline on earth's magnetic field (its at its weakest since 1895 as kicked off by the Carrington event) and pair that with the rapidly migrating north and south magnetic poles and you will see some very strange and violent weather until the poles flip . We are experience 2 of the 3 and an uptick in seismic and volcanic activity as we race towards sunspot maximum in 2025.

IF this flip does not take place by then, the next cycle (the sun in on an 11 year cycle) the likelihood of this taking place would be in the mid 2030's, then again in the late 2040's.

Now, lets say that this does not happen in my lifetime. I sill get to retire to the beautiful Wisconsin North woods, Raise a garden and animals and hunt and fish until its time for me to jump off this planet and my kids will have a destination already prepared for them.

As far as elevation is concerned (and why) when the earth poles flip (while the earth is still rotating), Greenland will want to reside at the equator (its massive ice weight will want to fling it to the equator), this means Florida will point the way (direction) of the crustal slide. The land masses will flip but the water and air are not locked to the crust so the water and air will continues their rotation and invade the land in some places and recede from the land in other places during this flip, then there will be a slosh back of the water and this will happen back and forth until the land, air and water are once again spinning at the same direction and speed. Being very far from any coast and higher than the surrounding land will have a lot of advantages as the water invades the land.

Like I said earlier, you are likely thinking, this guy's reasons for his homesteading and permaculture lifestyle are crazy. But as I said, we are all in this mind set for different reasons and none of those reasons are wrong, they are just different.

Lastly, I will say that another Carrington event (happened in 1895) is more likely to happen to us first, in which case all you and I are already doing will put us in a great position for when the grid does go down.
Posts: 5
Location: Northern Mexico
goat foraging greening the desert
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Hi Ron,

Nice to see a fellow Observer on the Permies platform.  I see that I am the first to reply.  It is difficult to communicate about the cataclysm with those who have not studied the topic.  Unfortunately many will learn the hard way that they were planning for the wrong kind of collapse...

A few comments for you to ponder:

1) I am analyzing and critiquing the 90-degree Earth flip hypothesis.
You can read my two articles here:
Problems with the 90-degree Earth Flip Theory -- An Advanced Catastrophism Discussion

More Problems with the 90° Earth Flip Theory
A Critique of a Catastrophist's "Best Evidence" -- An Advanced Catastrophism Discussion, Part 2

I would say that your current location is quite close to where I believe the north pole was about 12,000 years ago.  I would choose a spot closer to the equator.

I am no volcano expert but Ben Davidson thinks that Yellowstone has enough pressure release points to not be a Super Volcano concern.

Flooding: I would personally want to be further from one of the Great Lakes due to the slosh zone possibly being worse than your projection.  In the future I will make my case for why we need to be over 1,700 meters (5,580 feet) in elevation. Your sea level projection is much too low in my opinion.  The Rockies are the only place worth considering for those who intend to survive in North America.  Unless you want to try your luck in a solid boat with whatever provisions and people that fit.

Otherwise your criteria looks pretty good.

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