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Location: Kingston, Canada (USDA zone 5a)
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Paul Wheaton
Duke of Permaculture

As a certified master gardener and a certified permaculture designer, Paul Wheaton has written numerous articles ( and founded the permaculture forums (, which have since become the largest permaculture web site on the internet. Paul Wheaton has been practicing and preaching this new way of gardening, farming and living for the last nine years, because, as he says, "It's the sort of eco system that nature intended."

Burra Maluca
Mother Tree

I'm a hermit, and a dreamer, and an eternal optimist. I love ideas, and I love testing them out and sharing what I find out. I'm constantly starting new things but I rarely finish them. I'm hopelessly disorganised and live in a state of total, blissful chaos. I love apricots. And cherries. One day I'll grow all my own food so I never have to venture off my farm.

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Cassie Langstraat

I grew up on a variety of farms and ranches all over Montana so I have been amidst large and small scale agriculture my whole life. (Parents always had a big garden too.) Once I got my own place I decided to see if I possessed the famous green thumb that all of my family has, but I set out to attempt this without all the toxic gick. Ever since I coddled that first tomato plant to life, I have had a passion for growing food. Since I am still young and quite broke, my main interests are frugality and doing permaculture design in an urban setting. I also am a huge foodie and love experimenting with all different kinds of organic cooking. Side note: I also got a degree in English, with minors in Psychology and Gender Studies so my other passions are reading A LOT, writing A LOT, talking about feminism, and getting into heavy philosophical conversations about all sorts of things.

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tel jetson

tel is quite certain that Woodland, Wash. is the best place on earth. born with dirty fingernails and a contrary disposition. between naps, he can be spotted on a bicycle, in a river, hunting for rope swings, or otherwise avoiding responsibility. tel is also one half of the labor force at the Pikku Farm, and interim archdeacon at the First Church of Dirt.

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John Polk

I am a former deep sea sailor. Steam, motor, and sail.
Traveled to 6 continents, but never saw Australia.
I retired from the sea when I became a single parent of two teenaged daughters.

I have grown food crops on 3 continents, always organically.
I couldn't justify pouring chemicals on things I planed to eat or smoke.

I once had a food forest with a view of the Mediterranean Sea.
The fig trees were already there, but I planted bunches of citrus, olives, pistachios, and others.
Avacado was next, but politics persuaded me to depart.

A Google map search, unfortunately now shows about 6 tract homes where my Eden had been.
My good neighbor's goat/sheep farm is now about 2-3 dozen tract homes. Sigh.

I was raised in southern California, along the coast.
Currently living in Seattle, with plans to move east into the rain shadow of the Cascades.
I hope to create a space where my children and grand kids can thrive in whatever the future brings.

Ken Peavey

Ken has worked as a foreman for a refractory contractor for the last 8 years, all the while learning about natural growing methods. He lives with Bull (pictured) and a bunch of hens on just under 4 acres of potential a couple miles south of White Springs, Florida. That potential is taking shape as a Pick Your Own Vegetable farm. The future holds stories of naturally grown fruits and vegetables, renewable energy, and plenty of fresh air and sunshine. He joined in 2009 and tries his darndest to be helpful all the time.

Fred Morgan

Adrien Lapointe

Adrien grew up in Northern Quebec where he was exposed to gardening, hunting, fishing, and small fruit gathering. Adrien was also exposed to large scale farming as his parents owned a farm for some years growing barley, canola and at one point raising milk sheep. Growing up he always had rabbits, chickens and various other small livestock.

Now an avid gardener, foodie, amateur woodworker, and raw milk advocate, Adrien is experimenting with hugelkultur and polyculture, cooking from scratch, experimenting on reducing his ecological footprint, and much more.

Adrien was introduced to Permaculture few years ago through Joel Salatin’s techniques and travelled down the rabbit hole to end up at Permies. He has been a Steward and Paul’s assistant since November 2012.

Contact Adrien

Jocelyn Campbell

Jocelyn's life is all about balance. (That's Jocelyn on the left.) Maybe that's why she's an accountant and is such an advocate for keeping our natural systems healthy.

As a child, she perched on branches and swayed in tree forts in her beloved Pacific Northwest woods. Then, as a teenager, she learned that reining in sugar kept her more alert and energetic. These youthful observations grew into passions for walks in the woods, gardening, herbal remedies, and natural parenting with whole and traditional foods. More recently, Jocelyn's interest in the natural and healthy led to all things permaculture and she completed her first permaculture design course in 2010.

Beyond the PDC, hanging out with Paul Wheaton (that's him on the right) has led to even more permaculture adventures and friendships. Including, now (as of 2013) living at wheaton laboratories!

Contact Jocelyn

Miles Flansburg

I was born into a ranching family. Mom and Dad moved to the big city so I have lived in both worlds. I am married with two college aged children. I have been gardening all my life , in Colorado and Wyoming. A Wyoming Master Gardener and Permaculture newbie. I love hiking, camping and fishing in the Rockies. We live on a small suburban lot outside of Denver and own a ten acre forested lot in Wyoming that is slowly being planted with food crops.

Contact Miles


Cris Bessette

I am Cris Bessette and I live in the mountains of Northeast Georgia, USA. I have 2 acres of semi-wooded rural land where I live with my dogs, Currently I work as an electronic technician for a communications company, have been an international sales rep, telephone tech support, pizza delivery driver, carpentry, occasionally paid musician, etc.

I have more interests and hobbies than I have time for:

Reading pretty much anything, gardening, tropical plants and "tropicalesque" landscaping, multi-instrumentalist musician, band member, build musical instruments, listening to music, recording music, carving wood, discussing philosophy / religion, contemplating the meaning of life (42), cooking, experimenting in the kitchen, hiking, photography, entheogens, playing with my dogs, camping, learning new things, studying plants, foreign languages and cultures (hablo bien el español / falo um pouco de portugues),traveling, laughing, hanging out with friends, occasionally being a hermit, oh yeah, and permaculture.

In short I am a jack of all trades, master of none. I love learning new things and teaching things to other people.

Got into permaculture through trying to improve my gardening skills, now considering starting a permaculture religion and bringing the good news to the people

Contact Cris

Isaac Hill

Isaac has been obsessed with permaculture since January 2011. Isaac likes the tendency towards generalization in permaculture, thus he can float from wildcrafting to alternative building to philosophy to sacred geometry to shoveling manure at whim. Isaac likes the third person.

John Saltveit

John Saltveit has been growing fruit for a few decades. He teaches grafting and how to grow food sustainably in the Portland, OR area. He bought a book and read about organic gardening 40 years ago, but has gradually been finding out about sustainability, permaculture, eating weeds, and using the power of nature to make human systems work, including food as medicine, fermentation, and bicycling transportation systems. He has a suburban garden and works with other people and groups in a very sustainability oriented part of the US. He is trying to interest in children about gardening, to mixed success. Wife is an avid vegan vegetable gardener. He is very interested in experiments and innovations to make the abundance of nature work for all people.

Contact John

Rebecca Norman

I have lived in Ladakh in the Indian Himalayas since the 1990s. The alternative school I work and live at, SECMOL Campus, started on empty desert with a permaculture workshop in 1995, and now has solar heated earthen buildings, solar electricity, gardens, fruit trees, shady outdoor classroom space, composting toilets and greywater, cows, and lots of other cool stuff. Ladakhi youth come to stay for two week camps or one to three year programs. My favorite program is the one-year Foundation Year for kids who fail the mind-numbing 10th grade state exams. They run and maintain the campus, and learn confidence and independent learning, English, Ladakhi history, traditional song and dance, and practical science like solar energy and heat, health, organic growing, and food preservation, and lots more. I teach or guide in any of these subjects (except song and dance). I'm learning more about wild foods and eating weeds, and I suffer from an annual condition I call Caper Obsessive Disorder. I hope to publish my Ladakhi-English dictionary in 2015.

Satamax Antone

i'm the biggest french procrastinator sloth on this forum. Intrested in rocket stoves of all forms. And by timberframing strawbale houses, and some procrastinator gardening.

Contact Satamax

Dale Hodgins

Dale refers to himself as the world's most over confident know it all. Stronger than a Russian house wife, faster than a speeding tortoise, jumps small puddles in a single bound.

Contact Dale Hodgins

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