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scheduling a consultation
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We have a new idea about getting your questions answered.

You can get to this thread by going to permies.com/consult

To get one hour of consultation from:

  • ernie wisner
  • erica wisner
  • caleb larson
  • mark vander meer
  • (more people to be added to this list soon)

  • Then please send $160 via paypal to paul at richsoil dot com. You will have an opportunity to include a note - and that is the part where you list who you want to talk to and list your contact info.

    Edit: due to demands on Paul's time, he has now bumped his hourly consultation rate up to $500 per hour. More info on Paul's bio page.

    For any scheduling or other questions, send me (Jocelyn) a private message.

    As always, asking questions on the forums is free. See the answer thread for more tips in that space.
    Some of the faces you could visit with:

    ernie and erica

    Caleb Larson
    mark vander meer
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