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info: buying land in the Ozarks?
Anyone have anything to say about buying land in the Ozarks for a homestead? I hear that it'll be hard to be accepted, but I'm not worried about that. Locations, tips, warnings would be greatly appreciated. Would prefer an area with abundant, safe water, close to a moderate size city (within 30 miles), moderate climate, not heavily affected by tornadoes. Any help?
Well, I own 5 acres @ 1400' in Texas County, MO.

Tornadoes should not be much of an issue here based on historical data but weather doesn't always follow historical data.

Water is fine but the well is deep at 500'.

I am 12 miles from Cabool, 85 miles to Springfield.

I am deep in the woods and love it.
I posted this same thread under the Ozarks section as I didn't know it existed when I posted this thread. Sorry! I don't know how to remove this one.
We just moved from central ks to outside of willow springs 3 weeks ago and found the people to be friendly. we are just leasing now till we find some thing with power on it since our kid needs a breathing machine at night but the guy we are leasing from has land for sale in multiple areas that he finances said he will help us find something
this is our back yard
The best deals are not found online. But a good start is here:


In the upper left corner is the "Ozark Horse Trader" which has land for sale and houses to rent to get your started. It's a weekly publication so check often.
just bought over a 150 acres and the land is mixed pasture and trees. close to harrison and really beautiful. area gets around 40 to 45 inchs of rain a year. wells are very deep, from what i have heard they vary alot but to epect about 500 feet. but with 40 inches a year you could catch alot and proper mangement could make it last. supposedly there is a dry spell for two to three months in the summer so that is my worry and reason i bring up the well. don't know about if they are accepting or not but when i get back from my deployment i can get a better feel for it. land is a very reasonable price i figure i paid about 1500 for pasture and 500 for woods. and the big plus is the privacy and feel of no one around. also the town of harrison seems to be big enough for a nice market and branson is just 40 minutes away with an even bigger market.
@ Brandon,
You will like it there. Nice area. I live fairly close.
Which side of Harrison?
It is good to have a well that deep. Mine is 400 something.
When is your deployment up?
If you need any info, feel free to ask. We have been up here about 8 years now.
Shhh...we try to keep Ar. A secret. Lol. Seems many are finding out though.
You will love the Buffalo river I am sure. Tons of stuff to do around here.
Ask any questions you like.
And welcome to this area. I think you made a wise purchase!
As far as any areas I would personally avoid,
Springfield has some problems. It is ok to go do something there, but lock your vehicle doors and watch your back.
I do go there from time to time. But I do watch out.
I think many cities are beginning to feel the pinch of the economy. Sadly it can bring out the worst in some people.
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