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Create Online Marketplace for Local Farmers?
Hi, I am considering creating a marketplace where local farmers can sell their organic produce to customers.

I need to know, ASAP: Would you buy organic food via online marketplace? Why or why not?
I wouldnt buy online.

But i mainly raise my own.

How do smell a peach online?
I wouldn't buy online, even if I didn't grow - I want to see it and smell and get to know the growers.
After thinking about it, i could see that some customers might like it, if they were already a given farmer's Customer already. If trust was built up.

I dont see a lot of customer loyalty any more, though.

I am a poor person to take financial advice from, though
Would the website be different than Local Havest?
Here is an example of such a system that seems to be working in eastern Washington.
They have dozens of local farmers participating.

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