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Wofati sideways?
I am potentially buying a piece of land in the near future that is on a hill running east to west. I would like to build some sort of wofati type home on this land. Anyone have any thoughts/advice/experience building this type of structure sort of sideways on a hill? I am thinking that I could maybe have the house be different levels all facing south with the uphill patio on the west (the highest point of the hill) and maybe the royer foyer facing south? It seems to me that this would work but I am hoping to get some input from someone who is more experienced than me before I buy the property. Thanks in advance!
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there are similar ideas discussed in Earthship by Mike Reynolds...good read
Just put the cards in their christmas stocking and PRESTO! They get it now! It's like you're the harry potter of permaculture. richsoil.com/cards

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