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Self-sustaining Enthusiast Introduction

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My name is Jon and I've always been a creative guy with a fine mind for logic, science, and resourcefulness. I am quite individualistic, renaissance man having a masters degree in computer science and constantly, constantly learning, but I also have a lone wolf personality. I am about as diverse as a person can get. I was born a yankee and then became a rebel, but I will soon return back to the northeast from where I hail. I've lived in both the richest and poorest states in America and I have learned a lot about the people of the United States. Thus what you need to know about me as far as background is that I have lived everywhere from on a suburban farm, to a city, to rural, in the extreme cold and in the extreme heat.

I am an atheist, and I share this with you all because I want to iterate to you that because I don't follow the same philosophies that most people do I have had to take the time to think about all the things that most people take for granted. This means I understand the universe and the environment in a very different way than most people (because I've studied it intensely), my understanding of ethics are from a different perspective than everyone else's, and therefore my modus operandi toward life is far from normal. Judging by the post of strange people I have read so far, I think I am going to fit in well here (lol that was a joke). I also want to reiterate that I am NOT here to shove my philosophies down your throat. I am mostly here to discuss survival and self-sustainable living. I am also a polyamorist, which is another thing that is quite rare about me as a person. I have already had experiences in my life where I have had more than one girlfriend at a time and as I said, I am quite abnormal and I know this. None of this bothers me though, I have accepted the qualities that make me the individual I am, but I just wanted to give forewarning that if you read my post on here you are in danger of experiencing interesting and wondrous thoughts that could be different from anything you've ever seen before. Anyway, I felt a little bit of background about myself was necessary in order to answer the question of what I am doing here on permies.com.

Between internships and full time career, I've spent about 5 years in my life at jobs. I hated school when I was young and I have always looked for ways I could avoid possible "obligations" in life such as HAVING to work. I loathe every second I spend on the clock. I have ran all the math on life and sincerely evaluated my career choices to get me to the point that I am today. Working 80 hours a week at a minimum wage job seemed like a bad idea, so I went to college. Owning a business seemed like way too much work because I'd also be working 80 hours and if I failed I would be broke. Small time jobs seemed like a solution, but I would still have to spend 40 hours a week and have no spending money. So naturally, I figured I fit in with a 40 hour a week white collar job where I would have spending money and free time to balance. Well let me tell you, I am unhappy with being a white collar employee too. Thus I set out to figure out how I could get more free time, but not sacrifice the same luxuries that I enjoy now. I finally found out how I can do that, and that is through something like permaculture. I say something like permaculture because I don't exactly buy into permaculture entirely. I like the parts of permaculture that involve great sustainable systems that provide for a pleasurable and healthy lifestyle, but on the other hand I see the same terrible propaganda and arrogant touting of false information or people breaking the law in the name of their cause that I don't necessarily agree with. I do think that government is a good thing to an extent and that regulations are put in place for good reason (when it's not abused). I don't buy into the whole concept of "green" energy, "global warming" or other environmentalist propaganda that from my research is complete bullshit. The fact is, just like our local weather, we can't control our space weather. However much cosmic radiation from our sun and other stars we are getting could be a major part of global warming just as much as any so called "pollution" that is being done. I mean from an opposite perspective from the norm, I see people crying about CO2 emissions all the time. Isn't a little CO2 GOOD for the environment because TREES NEED TO EAT TOO? People have been making fires for over 200k years, the earth hasn't melted down yet. What the hell would trees use to make food if we eliminated CO2 emissions from our atmosphere? It doesn't make any sense. I feel these are research questions that do not have good answers which many people that are radically into these social movements want to push as an agenda, which differentiates me from them. I am glad to be in with the part of permaculture that concentrates on self-sustainable ecosystems, but I want nothing to do with any kind of political bullshit that comes with it. If we are going to build a truly sustainable world we have to do better research because fact touting is just making both sides (the pro environmentalists and the anti-environmentalists) look like a bunch of idiots. Also, I believe many people need to learn simple economic principles. For example, even though we could grow enough food to feed the world or we could solve the next energy crisis that people are people. What do I mean by this? I mean people are greedy and resources can NEVER be equal. There are simply some humans in this world that don't want to share, do want more, and will take more! I love to point people at Africa when I talk about this because I tell them Africa is one of the oldest human populated areas in the world, yet their land is uncivilized, third world, plagued by diseases, and Africa has more violence and warfare than any other continent on earth. They are my best example for why world peace is a complete and utter joke. There is where I sit on the fence, away in my own paradise looking at everyone else scratching my head. As I said, I'm here mainly to learn and conjure ideas from people that have been gracious enough to share them (and I do sincerely and utterly appreciate sharing of information), but I am also here to ignore ignorant people who think they can save the world without looking at it's status and also ignore people that want to push political agendas. My philosophy on here is similar to live and let live, because to me it is not worth worrying about other peoples problems. As an individual, I like to solve problems for myself, my family, and my friends (lone wolf personality). I am a major pro open source person and I love to both take and share information for whatever reason people need it for.

Well, now that I expressed a little bit about what I am doing here, and what I like and dislike about permaculture let me just say one last thing about myself. I am in the process of designing my dream homestead right now. In the next 5 years I wish to move onto a piece of land, begin building, and eventually make the plot into a self-sustaining paradise. I am working 70 hours at two white collar jobs mining lots of money for the task at hand. That's not all though, I don't plan to work ever again after my land has been fully developed. I plan to live off my investments and the food and water that is produced from the land once my house is paid off. I want just enough money saved to give me some spending money for emergencies and to pay for my family's heathcare costs. This living off the land concept has been an idea between people of Louisiana for centuries and this is initially where I got the idea before learning about permaculture. I plan to spend all my free time I get from not being a white collar slave improving my land, hunting, trapping, playing video games, and just doing relaxing things like drinking whiskey on my porch watching the sun go down.

Thank you and I look forward to reading "yalls" posts ,
- Jon
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