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Still looking for my grandchildren.
Older woman w land and cattle still seeking younger couple with farm dreams. I offer room and board and an opportunity to carve out a nice salary on my 171 organic, hilly acres. I have a nice herd of 40 Angus beef and a small flock of BFL fiber and meat sheep. There are many holes to be filled ~ meat chickens, turkeys, organic beans and vegetables . . . the possibilities are unlimited. I have equipment and some cash to get those started. I no longer have the muscle and stamina to keep up.

You do no need investment capital. You do need drive and ambition. Farming is hard work and starting new projects is harder work. There is lovely potential to farm full time for decent wages.

The farm is organic and uses sustainable practices. No tabacco, no drugs, no religious zealots. The farm primarily raises grass and meat animals that eat the grass.

Profit sharing and inheritance of the land are on the table. Most things are negotiable.

AuntEllenSFarm.com AuntEllenS @ aol . com 740_ 343_ 3255
Your other post is about a year old by now.
Where is this land located?
SE Ohio. Little snow, but defintie change of seasons. Nice rain fall, creeks, access to markets.
Has anyone shown interest as of yet
Is there room for children in this deal we have a 1 year old
Call for details. <G>

I'm interested in your post. Please could you contact me?
My contact info is in the post.
I hope all this works out for some lucky folks. I've just finished Joel Salatin's books, "Folks, This Just Ain't right" and "Entrepreneur's guide". I'd never thought of so many intricate details behind a farming operation, probably because I was raised with the factory farm ideas.

If you do take Ellen up on this, please post back on your experience. I'd really love to hear how this works out for you guys on both sides of the deal. It would be great to learn how this type of thing is crafted and works for some people.
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