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Trompe Vs. Nuclear
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This should be interesting.
Let the games begin.
Round ONE:
Trompe one of the oldest unknown quiet power sorces never used.
Nuclear one of the newest kids on the block, a huge power bruiser with vast capabilities.

And they come out of thier corners. Trompe is hesitant.
Nuclear charges forward swinging wildly.
Trompe dodges left then right, trompe upper cuts and misses.
Nuclear advances trying to force Trompe back. Trompe holds it ground. Deflecting blow after blow.
Trompe jabs again and again forcing Nuclear to deflect and defend.
Nuclear is getting frustrated. Jab Jab from Trompe. Nuclear swings a round house haymaker. You can hear the buzzing in the lines. As the swing passes right over trompes head. Up comes trompe from ducking Jab Jab. Jab Jab. Points are flying. Judges are stunned. What is going on. trompe should have gone down by now. This hulk nuclear should have cleaned the floor with him by now. Jab Jab. Trompe knocks Nuclears head back again and again. Neither one is gaining ground. Nuclear stomps forward, Trompe dodges right. Nuclear staggers past.
In frustration neclear turns swinging wildly, BLOWEWIY! BOOM......
Ohh no Nuclear blew a gasket. He seems to be leaking some form of toxic Gick. The judges are clearing out. The audience , half of them fainted. the ones in the back begin to clear out.
Jab Jab from trompe the fight is still on. trompe keeps attacking never truely giving ground never truely gaining ground. Jab jab.
Nuclear trys to head butt trompe, Trompe is faster and head butts Nuclear first. Nuclear staggers backwards. Another leak springs forth from Nuclears cranial shield. The audience that passed out has died. The juges are being treated for toxic gick contamination. The audience that got out first seem to be unaffected.
Jab Jab trompe hits again and again.
Ding the bell rings
Opponents to your corners get ready for round two.
Trompe confidently hops back to his corner.
Nuclear staggers backward barely on his feet.
Coaches attend to you combatant.
5 minute reprieve.
Round TWO: Fight (nicely of course)
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Round Two BEGIN!

Steam bursts forth from nuclear as he lunges forward.
Trompe advances then side steps.
The opponents begin to circle.
Nuclear Having been patched up is not looking so good, but he is running HOT.
His power packs are fully charged. Wam Wam nuclear hits Trompe. Trompe Staggers backward.
Trompe Seems to be uninjured. Trompe slides sidways avoiding Nuclears next series of blows.
Trompe goes on the defensive. Not scoring any hits. WAM WAM, Nuclear hits again and again.
Again and again they circle. Trompe gains no ground, But does not swing back at Nuclear.
In frustration Nuclear Charges, (vast amounts of steam fill the room) pushing trompe against the ropes. The power out put of nuclear spikes. He increases his speed hitting again and again, Trompe just soaks up the punishment. Oh this is brutal. The refs refuse to step in.
Suddenly nuclear slows down, giving Trompe a clear shot !BLANG! Trompe upper cuts. Nuclears head snaps back as he is laid out. Trompe moves off the ropes. Circling away from nuclear. Nuclear gets up. He looks tired.
Ding! Opponents back to your courners.
Get ready for round 3.
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Needs more bubbles (and cow bell).
A cow bell rings through out the auditorium. CLANG CLANG CLANG!
Round 3
" Begin! "
Bubbles fall from the ceiling covering the auditorium Bringing the Haze down.
Fire suppressing bubbles every where. It is getting hot in there.
Both contestants slide into the ring slipping and loosing thier balance.
Niether lands a blow. The round drags on as the contestants slip and slid, Falling more than once all on thier own.
Contestants return to your corners.
A mopping crew comes out in full haz mat gear. Clean up begins.
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