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any ideas on a north side addition?
Folks on here have the uncanny ability to see things that I miss, so just though i'd ask haha... we're putting a small addition on our mobile home, it's going to be a few more years before our farm can fund the "real" house so I've got to do something about this mobile home we're in. The south side is already taken by a really nice outdoor kitchen and I just can't move it easily nor do i want to, I like it where it is. We're putting a modular addition onto the mobile home that can later be moved and attached to the real house as guest quarters (doing this so I don't feel bad about 'wasting' money on this trailer). It will be going on the north side of the home, will have a VERY shallow pitched shed style roof sloping down to the north. Aside from being well insulated (not that it will help being attached to an 80's model mobile home) are there any recommendations to make this more energy efficient? I will be putting in skylights for lighting, hopefully I can insulate them well enough to not have too much thermal loss during the winter and have shades for them in the summer to keep them from heating up the joint.

The intended uses will be larger open living area (effectively doubling our dining/living room) as well as a guest bathroom with washer/dryer.
Oh, size will more than likely be 14x32 I can be a little flexible with that, but not much...

thanks in advance
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You might consider tubular skylights, much less energy loss but still lots of light.
I installed some of those once about 10 years ago on an eco-farm we built, I had forgotten about them until you mentioned them. I'll have to check pricing, but I do remember back then they were about 600 bucks each, I certainly couldn't afford that now, but tis a good idea to look into... Makes me wonder about building them as well... Wonder how hard that is to get the tubes shiny enough to work?
quick google search seems like they have dropped tremendously in price over the last decade! great idea, thank you Just have to wonder how well the cheap ones last, but gotta be better than a home made one haha.
Air conditioned? Any heat?

My vote is to pattern it after an old sleeping porch. No AC. Lots of screens and insulated shutters. RMH for primary heat with electric in-floor radiant in the bathroom and laundry with heat tape or other backup solution for the pipes.

yes, it's heated, I'm not really into rocket heaters, I like plain old fashioned wood heaters and the outdoor furnaces that I build mainly due to the amount of time that I can heat with one stoking of the fire. We have propane backup as well for when I'm feeling too lazy to chop wood hahaha. I do have a 24k BTU window a/c but we rarely run it since we are usually out on the farm during the daytime and I got a vintage reversible window fan a few years ago that does all of what we need after the sun goes down. We have propane backup to our wood heat.

I like the idea of the sleeping porch, I may put in some big sliding glass doors for summer and build some insulated panels I can pop on and off for the seasons... Just gotta be sure to get the no-see-um mesh as those little buggers are a PITA here haha.

Great idea though, I may end up implementing it!
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