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traveling art and permaculture project ! centrel america usa canada
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Hey everyone! I'm Birdie, an artist from the USA. I just started this campaign and am wondering if anyone out there is on a mission simillar to mine. I am traveling to gain experience to use in the future to teach permaculture design courses. I feel that art is such a great tool for teaching and am exploring ways this year to use my art skills to promote permaculture wherever I go! Has anyone else made this their own artistic mission? How do you use art to inspire others? I would love to see some fellow permie art! Check out my campaign if you'd like to receive some of my art from the road! Happy 2014!


Birdie Eaton wrote: How do you use art to inspire?


It may seem trite but I've always though a good well placed wall mural coupled with a community teaching event can do wonders
Do you pee on your compost? Does this tiny ad?
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