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GET OUT OF THE COLD with....Spring Break courses in the Dominican Republic

Care of Earth – Care of People – Sharing the Surplus

The Permaculture Design/SBWP course offers positive solutions for creating and managing sustainable food systems. Learn how to minimize work and maximize yields in a hands on learning environment. Work with our Dominican neighbours and understand the world in which they live, experience the essence of Eco-immersion.

Topics and activities:

• Innovative Solutions for Sustainability • Permaculture ethics and Principles • Learn methods of Design -Patterns & Zones • Volunteer & have a vacation too • Environment and Conservation • Experience the meaning of Giving back and paying it forward • Find magical places while exploring our Eco-adventure excursions.Description: This 8-day program is ideal for those who wish to gain a working knowledge of Permaculture Design while volunteering in the community Food Program.

Program particulars: An all-inclusive program. While on campus full-course breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily at Yasica’s Hacienda, farm-fresh meals are prepared onsite in our gourmet kitchen using only the freshest ingredients.

Accommodations: Are included in course fee, rooms in guest cottages or Main Hacienda

Airport: Pick-up can be arranged to EcoCenter campus.

Instructors: Marilyn Wilson & Guests

Cost Per Person: $1,299 US

Early Bird Special: $1,149 US

Booking into this course:
You can pay for your course below with your credit card, or you can email us or call at 315-307-1213 to arrange payment by direct deposit or credit card over the phone.
Visit the Website for more information and secure payment form
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