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splitting logs for rails or posts - new video
I uploaded this about four minutes ago:

Oh yeah,

If folks would comment on the video (even "thanks" is good), rate it five stars and subscribe to my youtube stuff, that would be a help to me.  Thanks!

And looky here - a piece of machinery that can do it:


An old timer gave me a black powder log splitter for some forge work a few years ago.
  An oddity that I've been to afraid to play with.
I've been splitting really long logs for our maple syrup evaporator and have come to the conclusion that I need a splitter.  I don't mean a gas powered one.  I mean a teenager who has more energy and a more intact body than mine. 

We used to have one, but he moved out of the house.  Whenever he wanted to go to the movies with his girlfriend all he had to do was a half hour of splitting. 
I commented on the video, but didn't see a link to rate it... tried splitting tamarack, but the wood seems to always grow twisted so its use would be somewhat limited. It's a great species that has similar pest/weather resistance to cedar, and is generally much cheaper at the sawmill than cedar is. It does, however, tend to leave invisible splinters that fester.
You can say that you liked the video by clicking the green thumbs up icon & I think if you login you can rate it.
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