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green roof, and welcome Chris
anybody know where I can get information on how to engineer the load for a green roof?

Oh and welcome Chris Magwood, look forward to reading your post here this week
Thanks for the welcome, Tim. This is certainly a warm online community!

Our green roof builder (Leslie Doyle at Restoration Gardens) gives me these general rules of thumb for fully saturated green roof weights:

Extensive (thin growing medium, mostly sedum-based plantings): 10-35 lb/sf
Semi-intensive (soil/growing medium hybrid, flowers and grasses): 35-50 lb/sf
Intensive (soil, flowers, grasses, vegetables & small shrubs): 50-300 lb/sf

These are still pretty wide ranges, but will give you some idea. Of course, you must add the full snow load to these figures in cold climates.

Hope this helps!
Thanks Chris
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