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Need working partners for developing sustianable farm
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We purchased 30 acres of pasture and hardwood land about half and half last August//and have been working hard to get it moving in the right direction/trying to develop a permaculture type scenario as well as make a minimal living//pretty much lost our first crop to insects and blight but are building better soil etc. Have inoculated 55 logs with Shiitake spawn and if we can get that going right will have an inexhaustible supply of logs from the forest..have laid 3 miles of drip T tape/installed a couple of 3000 gal reservoirs for same put in a solar pumping system, and laid hundreds of feet of piping and wiring .Small house nice barn, and a little building that already has water run to it and air but needs finished for Woofers or help or hopefully temp quarters for partner until they build///run out of development cash and need help with the work//good income potential, do not want to sell want an acceptable partner.
We are located in Avery,Tx [USA] Isisfarms.net and are very malleable about how this is done.
Objective is total self sustainability/solar/wind/water/food/inc. meat animals/and a small income, available from produce/shiitake production /and hickory woodchips for BBQ
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