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Thermosyphon System
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Greetings fellow permies,

I was curious to know if anyone on here has had any experience using a wood burning stove, water coil and water storage tank (Thermosyphon/Convection) system? We are considering this type of system in our off-grid home in Tennessee. I would like to here of your experiences with its use (pros/cons) and what you would do different, if any? Safety is a concern, but my understanding is, if done right there is nothing to worry about. Thoughts?
I have built and used the system sold by Lehmans:

The 42 gallon tank:

The stainless steel coil, which fits the brand of wood cook stoves that they sell.

The plumbing instructions:

It is safe if you follow all the instructions.

It also uses two pressure relief valves and a mixing valve, and is plumbed with 1 inch copper pipe.

It works; however, it is expensive.

- joe
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