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Get Foraging Chefs to Forage Sustainably! demand sustainabilty, it looks sexier  RSS feed

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Just wanted to pass this on, because it's the kind of thing that I wouldn't have thought of if I hadn't heard someone point it out. I heard this guy whose name escapes me, I think it's like Russ Cohen, super-famous forager expert guy, wrote _Wild Plants I have Known and Eaten_. He said that a lot of restaurants get into the foraging craze and then they over-graze and are actually causing local extinctions in the woods and imbalancing the ecosystems, making space for invasives!

So, there's a seaweed in New England, Dead Man's Fingers, that's an invasive, and that could be used. Or garlic mustard. Or growing ramps sustainably and harvesting just a leaf or two off each ramp leaving the root in the earth. I know this is probably preaching ot the choir, but spread the word to your rich not-quite-up-to-speed friends! Or maytbe you know a chef who's trying to do things right and thinks foraging is more "green," and you could let them know that if they really want to do it right they have to leave some in each spot, and probably will need to raise the price on teh menu. But tell them it's worth it to be the chef who really cares and that people may flock to that restaurant or be loyal patrons if they know they can get real sustainability on their plate.

Hey, it looks a lot better if you're trying to show someone you're having dinner with that you love them and are ready to show up as an honest person in a relationship to attend to the details and ask, before ordering a foraged item, if it's foraged in a sustainable way. Any time a customer asks, a restaurant listens. I'd go on a second date with you! (And I'm cute!) (OK, I haven't darkened the door of a restaurant in months.)

This is not nit-picking--if you're trying to show you are into nature or something by trying a foraged food menu item, you serve your goal best by supporting a sustainable means whereby it can be foraged today and tomorrow too. Otherwise your'e defeating your own goal.

The problem has been that one restaurant gets into foraging plant X or mushroom X and then all the other restaurants follow suit when they see it's popular.
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