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The Great Healthy Yard Project by Diane Lewis
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Source: She Writes Press

Publisher: She Writes Press


In this book Diane Lewis gives us a thorough look at the ways in Americans continue to pollute their own drinking water by putting tons of different chemicals onto their yards. She explains in detail how it gets from yard to tap and then she then proposes an alternative strategy that we can implement to turn things around!

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The children playing with hoses and drinking from them is the best visual for this to hit home! I live near a pond where most of us try to absorb nutrients in our yards to prevent overload to the pond, but there are much bigger hills in the watershed, that were farmed for generations. Most are now large mowed yards. The younger generations seem to understand the most about chemicals and try to show others by example what can be done instead. Thank you for the video message, in addition to the book. I can't wait to read it.
Right on Erica! I signed my pledge the other night and have been talking to lots of friends (and sharing/inviting on Facebook) about the project.
Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more ... richsoil.com/wd-gardening.jsp

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