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Roundwood platform for a wall tent?
We have a 16x20 canvas wall tent we are looking to set up in the spring to live in for a while. We would like to build the platform and interior walls from roundwood found on the property. We are havig much luck finding information on how we might do this. We have a general idea, but would love some advice from anyone who may have doen something like this.
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It's all about the words we use...and the languages we speak and understand...

Hi Sarah, I would be glad to help when things become more specific for you in the future with this project. In the mean time please try the linked searches below for guidance, and of being a muse to your cognition's as they may come....

Primitive Pole Lashing Structures

Rustic Pole Lashed Architecture

Rustic Hurdles
Thank you so much for your help!
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Sarah Houlihan : While not worth a lot of your time, you could google ''Horse or Equine Comping adventures, outfitters, and check out a few catalogs
from suppliers !

These people pack every thing on horses while you are having morning coffee, keep all their stuff and yours together, and at the end of the day quickly
set things up !

I expect you will see several things that make you say, wow that looked easy, or just why did they do that !

The catalogs are just about the only place to find suppliers of materials for your tent that will guarantee their product !

Hope this helps and is timely Big AL !
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