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Ernie and Erica Wisner's Rocket Mass Heater Everything Combo
Here is a big fat package of our most popular plans.

See below for links to the individual plans.

If you'd like to purchase individual plans, or read their descriptions, they are available below:

Annex 6"

Bonny 8"

Cabin 8"

Daybed 6"

Greenhouse 8"

Ely 8"

(The dimension 6" or 8" refers to the diameter of chimney/flue needed for this heater plan.)

To purchase ALL of the above, please click the Premium Content section below to purchase with PayPal or PIE slices.

Other items from all our digital stores:

Double-Chamber Earthen Oven Plans
• Builder's Guide to MUD (earthen building, recipes, process/batch-testing notes, compatible natural finishes including paints and plasters)
Art of Fire (everything we like to teach new stove builders)
Simple Shelter: Northern Comfort (booklet on how to make an easier-to-heat home, including off-grid comfort and emergency heating options)
• Six Quick Mini Stoves
• Ernie's Chocolate Truffle Recipe (actually about 17 different recipes including vegan, full cream, and flavor variations like Raspberry Velvet, Irish Cream, Rosa Mundi, Habanero Coconut, and Mojito)

Please note that this does NOT include items we have produced under license agreements with other publishers, such as
• Does not include Paul Wheaton's videos (wood burning stoves 2.0, better wood heat)- see www.RichSoil.com/rocket-stove-mass-heater.jsp
• Does not include our book, the Rocket Mass Heater Builders' Guide (New Society, 2016), or the previous rocket mass heaters books by Evans/Jackson.
• Does not include the Village Video DVD, "How to Build rocket mass heaters with Ernie and Erica." www.villagevideo.org

It also may NOT include certain draft plans still in progress, for reasons.
• Does not include the rocket canner/Forge prototype plans, currently (HERE)

Filename: Bonny8-RMHeater.pdf
Description: Bonny 8"
File size: 3513 Kbytes
[Download Bonny8-RMHeater.pdf] Download Attachment
Filename: RocketMassHeater-Annex6-letter.pdf
Description: Annex 6"
File size: 1206 Kbytes
[Download RocketMassHeater-Annex6-letter.pdf] Download Attachment
Filename: Cabin8-RMHeater-2015.pdf
Description: Cabin 8"
File size: 824 Kbytes
[Download Cabin8-RMHeater-2015.pdf] Download Attachment
Filename: Daybed6-RMHeater.pdf
Description: Daybed 6"
File size: 460 Kbytes
[Download Daybed6-RMHeater.pdf] Download Attachment
Filename: RMHeater-Ely8-DRAFT-Letter.pdf
Description: Ely 8"
File size: 726 Kbytes
[Download RMHeater-Ely8-DRAFT-Letter.pdf] Download Attachment
Filename: Greenhouse8-Brick-2015.pdf
Description: Greenhouse 8"
File size: 1978 Kbytes
[Download Greenhouse8-Brick-2015.pdf] Download Attachment
Filename: ArtofFire-Midres.pdf
Description: Art of Fire
File size: 2195 Kbytes
[Download ArtofFire-Midres.pdf] Download Attachment
Filename: 6-quick-stick-tricks.pdf
Description: 6 Quick Mini Stoves
File size: 628 Kbytes
[Download 6-quick-stick-tricks.pdf] Download Attachment
Filename: MUD-Guide.pdf
Description: Builder's Guied to MUD
File size: 303 Kbytes
[Download MUD-Guide.pdf] Download Attachment
Filename: Shelter.pdf
Description: Simple Shelter: Northern Comforts
File size: 826 Kbytes
[Download Shelter.pdf] Download Attachment
Filename: TruffleRecipe.pdf
Description: Ernie's Chocolate Truffles
File size: 123 Kbytes
[Download TruffleRecipe.pdf] Download Attachment
Filename: Cob-oven-2013-smaller.pdf
Description: Double Chamber Earthen Oven
File size: 10181 Kbytes
[Download Cob-oven-2013-smaller.pdf] Download Attachment
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How to Read Erica's Plans and Diagrams:

Most of these plans are done using standard architectural drafting, old-school style.
(I was the last class to learn conventional pencil-to-photo-print blueprint drawing, using a real old ammonia light-box, before my architecture department got computers.  Ah, the good old days.). 

Any general builder, framer, mason, or engineer should be able to read these plans quite easily; the age of computers hasn't changed the blueprint language that much, although we now print them in a wider range of colors. 
I use a lot of 2-dimensional templates and a standard color key for my more recent work.
So fire bricks will always show up the same size and color (beige) and smaller building bricks will be represented in their own size and color (brick red).  Cob is brown, wood trim is light caramel (like Doug fir or pine heartwood), concrete and cement-board will be grey, non-combustible insulation will be light grey or white, or white with a squiggly black line (a symbolic convention for black-and-white drawings). 
Plasters, tile, natural stone, and other finish materials may show in a variety of colors, similar to their actual color.

We occasionally hear some confusion from folks who are used to the 3-d modeling or exploded diagrams more common for mechanics and furniture/cabinetmakers. 
We do include detail drawings with marked dimensions for critical areas like the firebox.  Builders may also want our book the Rocket Mass Heater Builder's Guide for additional notes about clearances, allowable variation, etc Click Here to see the Wisner Builder's Guide at NewSociety.com.

Architectural drafting conventions:
- Projects are shown from top and side views. 
- Studs in the wall are shown as solid rectangles, and windows as lines, as if you'd sliced through the house about 6 feet up. 
- Any cutaway view will be labelled, and there will be a line across the top view showing where we "cut" to give that view.  Arrows pointing toward the line show the direction you're looking from. 
- For the main diagrams, look for a scale key, just like on a map; you can use a piece of paper or compass points to take a measurement off the diagram, and compare it to the scale key. 
- We generally include at least one detail diagram, with marked dimensions, for any critical area(s) like the firebox.

Builders' Notes: These plans give play-by-play details of the project goals, how we designed and built the heater, and whether anything was changed in the first year or two for satisfactory performance.  We don't publish any plan unless its owner has been satisfied with the performance for at least one year.
If this is your first earthen building project or first time using bricks, you may find new terms mentioned in a given plan, like "cob" or "thermal mass" or "fire clay mortar," without a lot of explanatory detail.  Definitions are not hard to find on these forums at www.permies.com, on YouTube, or in the attached "Builder's Guide to MUD".
These plans are already pretty long (the greenhouse one is over 40 pages, showing 3 or 4 different project layouts).  So we decided to focus on the specifics of each project, noting its differences from a "standard" system as described in the Rocket Mass Heater Builder's Guide (Wisners, 2016) or Rocket Mass Heaters: Third Edition (Evans/Jackson, 2014).  You may want to pick up a copy of either book, if you don't already have one.

In our limited free time these days, we still participate on these forums and give free advice to rocket project folks and others.  I will make these premium threads a priority.
If you want to start a whole thread about your project and ask for advice or show the step-by-step, you can post a link to that thread here for others to check out as they work from the same plans.
I will check out those links as my time allows, too.

Baby pictures welcome!
I merged your stuff with the following thread. I hope that is okay by you.
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Didn't get what you wanted for Christmas? For January only, Ernie and Erica are dropping the price of this combo package to just $49.50 - for everything.

Limited time deal, not gonna last, people.
Price is back up, but only to $75. 
(These plans individually cost about $20/each, the book prices vary - total value is over $154 for all the materials included here.)

Erica Wisner wrote:These plans individually cost about $20/each, ...

I'm interested in purchasing an individual plan. Should I send you a purple moosage or another way?
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Cj Sloane wrote:

Erica Wisner wrote:These plans individually cost about $20/each, ...

I'm interested in purchasing an individual plan. Should I send you a purple moosage or another way?

Ernie and Erica have their very own forum with all their awesome stuff on it.  Are the plans you're seeking there?
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