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Memphis suburb
I'm in Memphis TN with an opportunity to use the NW corner of Shelby Farms Park for an experiential permaculture site, which is in the suburbs of Memphis. I need lots of help and need everybody in the area to get involved! We'll have unlimited resources from the stables, & tree trimmers have easy access to dump wood chips, etc. We'll be right out there where we'll have plenty of opportunity to show off and share what we're doing. I hope I can find some partners for this project through this forum. Anyone interested please reply asap!!

Hello Pam,
I'm from Memphis and still stay I touch with a ton of people although I don't live there anymore. Do you want to send me an e-mail with some info and I'll pass it along.
I love this!
Thanks, Marianne,
I remember your post to the guy looking for Memphis permies in 2012, you mentioned Laura at the Botanic Garden. Is she still there?
I'll send you an e-mail as well for you to pass along. I sure appreciate it!
~ Pam
Laurie is still at the Botanic Gardens - when you call her, feel free to mention me - Marianne and Cooper in VA. she's wonderful~
best of luck
Hello Pam, my name is Justin Koenig. I live in Somerville. I would love to get in touch with you. Email @ jthomas.ernest@gmail.com
I'm slowly building a permaculture business and would love to connect with some local permaculturists. I'm excited to find out about you and your project.
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