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Colfibrex earth-bermed system
Does anyone have information/comments/reviews about the Colfibrex engineered earth-bermed system? It is comprised of fiberglass/plastic resin panels, each being connected to one another with waterproof adhesive and stainless steel bolts. They were originally manufactured in Columbia (IIRC), but now are manufactured and shipped out of Missouri, by a company called Biotekt (Biotekt.com).

The system looks fascinating, however...there doesn't seem to be much information on them...almost phantom-like. Informational videos are clearly made using a smartphone (or look like it, at least...these can be found on YouTube). I can't seem to locate any customer testimonials, actual pictures of a constructed unit (especially inside photos). I'm not aware of any reviews in magazines on the topic or for homesteading, etc. The pictures on their website look to have all been photoshopped (pretty well, too).

I'm just wondering if anyone here has some insight or anything about this company and the building system. I'm getting ready to email them with a bunch of questions, but I'm sure I'll get lots of glorified answers, so I wanted to hear the straight scoop from people without a financial interest in the product.

The website is here: http://www.biotekt.com/

Weeellllll....I guess Zero replies says something after all ! It appears nobody here has even heard of Colfibrex or Biotekt earth-bermed building methods.

I emailed them to ask why there isn't more information on the internet...will post what I get back.
From their site

"The oldest building methods use the earth as a building material. Adobe, cob, rammed earth, and earth-sheltered construction, are being used as an alternative to more mainstream types of building. In particular the idea of covering a structure with living earth and plants, and using the thermal stability and security provided by the proximity to the ground, is very appealing."

Sounds good
" However, this type of construction has always been difficult and expensive to achieve, with questionable results."

er just NO I supect Paul and his Wofati and other ideas both old and new would disagree


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