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Soup on the fly
Stopping by for a quick lunch whilst in the middle of a project which I hope the rain does not put a premature finish too.

I never really did get the scratch cooking burnout. I mean sure, it is definatly nice and probably even nessiary to not have to cook your own food every damn day and night. I am totally the guy who will pick up 5 frozen pizzas when they are 3/10$. But making a delicious nutritrous meal can be stupid unfuckabley easy.

Right now, as I type this is what I am going to be eating in 5 minutes. Simple soup mostly from the garden.

Into approximately 1 quart water dice one medium carrot, one medium parsnip, a 'quarter sized grip' of cellery leaf and all, and a double handfull of full nettle plant.

Bring to boil.

Add instant ramin noodles.


Okay, must go add noodles.
oops, going to fast. soups almost done.

Also included 3/4 of a medium leek and a 3 fingered dash of nutritional yeast.

And... Foods up.
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