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Electrolytic Rust Removal how to
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Here's a neat little how to on making your own electrolysis set up for removing rust from old tools.
I've done a bit of rust removal with a similar setup. It works pretty much as described but is quite a hassle with the need to clean the anodes and connectors and still do some pre prep and finishing off to the part being derusted. If you do give this a go and follow the steps correctly then you will likely be impressed how well it works. However, where the rust is removed you are losing material. OK you might think that material is already lost as it is no longer steel having turned to rust, but there are rust converters that turn the iron oxide into iron phosphate, which is a strong and inert substance, its not exactly turning it back to steel but it does give you a durable paintable surface which is more true to the original object than if you use electrolysis and suffer the pitting. What's more the electrolysed surface will immediately start to rust again, whereas having used rust converter instead, the iron phosphate will not rust, so results in a much longer lasting repair.
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