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A Better Slug Trap

Chris Waldon
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I have a client who owns a white PVC lattice fence. Cleaning it every year is not that big of a deal, they just bust out the pressure washer and *whoosh* it's done. But what is the first thing to dirty up their clean, pretty fence?Slugs. Or more specifically, slug leavings. Little coiled wormy looking slug poop stuck to the side of the white vinyl. Looks like a shoe lace to a GI Joe action figure.Their slugs are everywhere. Moving, feeding, breeding, doing what they do, but never without making their presence known.

The client has tried the beer traps, but has resorted to circling their garden area with the powdered slug bait.

But it's in observing the poop laden white vinyl fence that I had an epiphany...(that's not weird, is it? Some of Man's best thinking happens in places where poop is involved anyway)

--Low friction surfaces are an attractant for slugs. paved Driveways, painted porches, white vinyl fences. There's no food for them there, but it gets them to the food on the other side much faster than having to navigate grass, mulch and soil.

I propose laying out a large sheet of plastic, tarp, even an old shower curtain. Use the beer trap in the middle of the sheet, maybe even cut a whole in the sheet and dig down a little bit so that the bowl holding the beer recipe (or other natural slug bait) sits more flush with the ground. Come morning, I expect the sheet would be full of slugs and the beer trap overflowing with drowned little slimees.

Release the Ducks! Breakfast!

What other ideas are out there in dealing with slugs? References to other slug control threads are welcome.
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