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canadian couple live in van traveling
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thought this was neat and yall might like it. Canadian couple live in a van and travel all over. Neat point of view and really doesn't look all "purple hippy" inside or out.

I find their experience fascinating, and I love how they're sharing it. Not quite my cup of tea, but I wonder if they'd do this for, say, 10 years. Either improve on it and continue, or figure out it's "too much" or something and quit it. There's something about being road-bound that doesn't attract me. Thanks for sharing.
Every van that I have lived in, was absolutely jammed with tools. I didn't do any cooking or entertaining, because of the volume of stuff required for my work. My work produced many saleable items. Items that failed to sell where heaped into the van and stored until the next demolition sale. I only cleaned my vehicles when I had a house or other building to pile all of my crap in front of.

On a few occasions, I had so much unsold merchandise, that I filled it within 2 feet of the ceiling. My mattress sat on top of the stuff, which left just enough room for me to squeeze in, between the mattress and the fiberglass ceiling.
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I would love to live in a c class van.
It can come in very handy. If you get tired of your neighbors or neighborhood, drive away. If the area is getting bad, you can leave.
And you can see many different places you wouldn't normally get to see.
In small quarters, you have to choose what you need the most.
No room for junk. Everything has to be neat and orderly ( labeling helps too ) and be able to be locked down, such as cabinet doors.
They are like tiny homes. You do not have a lot of space for collecting things.
I have lived on a sailboat for six years. Very tight quarters. It isn't for everyone. A lot of divorces came from sailboaters down where we lived In Florida.
But if you love to camp, it is great! I miss it myself.
Always look on the bright side of life. At least this ad is really tiny:
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