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Wood stove converted to rocket stove
Hello all. I am on to my next rocket stove project. I have a brilliant idea for my situation I think and I would like some input. I originally had an all nighter big Moe wood stove made in the 70s. It's in great condition. It just smoked too much for my liking so I built a rocket mass heater and burned that for a season. I spent my entire winter splitting wood and feeding my fire. It was too much to keep feeding it so I came up with an idea to use my old stove as my firebox / burn chamber.
My stove has the flue exit horizontal out of the top back of the stove. I was thinking I can ad a 90 degree bend up from there and connect a heat riser. Then install a barrel over the riser like normal. Now I was thinking I could load my stove up get a hot fire going in the stove and maybe with a p-channel going into the heat riser like a batch type rocket, this may clean up my smoke.

Is this too easy and obvious to be true?


Ps. I'll try to upload some images of my wood stove later today.
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dave marth wrote:Is this too easy and obvious to be true?

Fraid so.

In a nutshell, a properly-functioning rocket stove produces temperatures high enough to destroy your metal parts in a fairly short time.

So for your application, you'd either:

1. Build a rocket stove that doesn't work very well, so as not to damage the metal components


2. Build a rocket stove right and have it destroy itself.

Neither one is a great option.
I understand what your saying. My stove wouldn't be operating any differently as far as i can see. I would just have the air inlets open all the way instead of damping them down a little once it's burning. The heat riser I pictured being made of vermiculite board so that should be fine. The only concern would be the exhaust thimble exiting the stove but my stove is made of 1/4 inch plate steel. After the heat riser it's pretty much the same as any other system.
Dave Marth : This is more like a Wood stove wearing a Masonry Stove Hat than a conversion of a wood stove into a Rocket stove - But another way to look at the
Rocket Mass Heater RMH, is that it is just a poor mans Masonry Heater !

This is definitely an advanced build and it is built with materials Not generally available everywhere but worth a look

Link Below :


For the good of the craft ! Big AL

Yea. I've thought about adding mass to my stove but that doesn't clean up the smoke. I just can't see how a heat riser out the back of my wood stove wouldn't clean up the smoke some and still keep the stove safe and not overheated. Maybe pictures would help you guys visualise.

Ps. Not trying to be rude here.

Thanks again

Dave, in case you haven't seen it here's an interesting option that may be worth your consideration:


Story like this gets better after being told a few times. Or maybe it's just a tiny ad:
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