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The Permaculture Student 1 by Matt Powers  RSS feed

Cassie Langstraat
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This book was made possible by you guys at!


Publisher: Matt Powers


This is the first installment in the Permaculture Student series. It is for any aspiring beginner permaculturist or for public & home school curriculum in a middle school setting. It is for anyone wanting a simple, direct, academic reference for permaculture design science. It is a reference manual rather than a traditional textbook of units and assignments. Much of this textbook and workbook is inspired by the work of geoff lawton, Geoff’s online permaculture design course and the work of his predecessors: Bill Mollison, David Holmgren, Masanobu Fukuoka, sepp holzer & P.A. Yoemans. It is designed such that anyone can setup their site safely and begin their education in permaculture on a solid foundation based in science.

Where to get it?

Scubbly! (digital)
Get the WorkBook Here!
physical book is coming soon!

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Richard Gorny
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I give this book 9 out of 10 acorns.

Disclaimer: I have translated this book (and the workbook) into Polish for the author, so that might have influenced my review a bit

First of all, such book was desperately needed and certainly it is quite a big step forward in permaculture education for kids (and older as well). The book can be a great help for teachers but also for those who seek basic knowledge on permaculture and do not have a time for reading fat "bibles" like Mollison's PD Manual.

Matt briefly goes through the entire curriculum of the PDC course, in a very condensed, easy to read, well illustrated and suitable for kids form.

The workbook associated with the book makes it unique, it contains nearly all what is needed in order to make first steps in permaculture design of own property.

Personally I have a feeling that some chapters are suitable for a younger, some for older reader, which might make it difficult for a single kid, but on the other hand better for a wider audience or for home schooling in a larger family.

Overall I strongly recommend this book to any parents who want their kids to acquaint with permaculture in a more structured way.

Dave Dahlsrud
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I give this one 7 out of 10 acorns.

It may go higher in the next couple of weeks as I integrate this lesson plan into our homeschool curriculum for my oldest son after the first of the year. Just reading through the manual some of it strikes me as being overly simplified, while other sections are a bit more complex. The up and down nature has me a little worried (just a little though). I won't know for sure how it flows for a school aged kid until I try it (it's been a while since that was me so...). I supported Matt's kickstarter campaign, and I'm really looking forward to passing on this knowledge and understanding to all of my children with this curriculum (along with some of my own twists and turns!). The illustrations are fantastic, and you can feel the author's enthusiasm and passion for the subject matter, I have high hopes for this book in our homeschool household.
Marianne West
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Well, we just recorded an interview around Matt's newest Kickstarter. Permaculture Student 2. hope you enjoy it
Podcast with Matt
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