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aquaponics with fruit?
2 questions. one i never seen or read anyone using aquaponics for fruit is there a reason for that? and how much upkeep is there with the fish? thanks for any information you can give me, i'll be checking out your book as well.
HI Dan. By "fruit" do you mean fruiting plants like tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers? Or sweet fruit like strawberries? Either way, they grow great in media-based aquaponics! The key is growing in media, not a raft system like some do. Those are tremendous for growing salad greens, basil, chard, etc, but not fruit.
Dan.I have had a fig tree growing for over a year and it did awesome.... had to move it because it hit the roof of the greenhouse!

Its defiantly possible to have good production of fruit, but its not going to be from fish feed alone. A good amount of fertilizer will need to be added to the system every few weeks. We add Epsom salt, rock phosphate, potassium sulfate, chelated iron, and a little bone meal. The fish portion covers nitrogen so we don't amend with any nitrogen. Check out bright agrotech on YouTube to learn more about using these amendments
I have grown a lot of fruit trees in my aquaponics systems over the past 5 years; in fact, it's what I primarily grow in them these days. I've ripened a lot of figs and bananas in particular.

I've got a blog with a lot of pictures that sort of documents what I've done, if anyone wants to look through it: http://www.greenfingardens.com/

Here's a short pictorial tour of my tunnel aquaponics system: http://www.greenfingardens.com/p/aquaponics-tunnel.html

Just your typical Kansas banana/fig/tilapia farm, lol.
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Beautiful, James!
Thanks Tyler!
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