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How green are your amendments to your garden !  RSS feed

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Please Excuse the Rant ! I needed to get this out there !

- O.K. While mining a geoff lawton video for wisdom -an interesting thought was shared that Needs more conversation. Hence the Topic !

From this Geoff Video :


At about 2 minutes the Comment was made that the property/soil developer cut down the standing grasses at the verge of his property with
the Highways R.O.W.

This was specifically planned to satisfy his local highway department that the Highway edge was not encumbered with Line-of-sight blocking
plants ! Failure to perform this action would have resulted in herbicide application on his property !

This cut material was used for chop-and-drop or added to a working compost pile built to successfully over-winter

I have nothing but praise for my local highway departments, mostly besides simple (?) highway maintenance they also maintain Specialized
equipment well beyond expected life-cycles and loan out this equipment between Town and County-ships

-Some times I do see Spraying of the Highway R.O.W. that comes much to close to creeks and standing water, this is an error and unfortunately
all to common !

Your neighbors often mow the verge of the road attempting to improve their Line-of-sight,and potentially reduce herbicide application -
- What are you doing ?

None of this addresses the danger of not knowing what is in the soil amendment materials we seek or accept to be added to our gardens and
food forests - often from remote locations with little supervision.

A final thought, If Tilling and plowing are automatically so bad as to receive automatic condemnation/approbation , how does one add Bio-char
to the garden soil ?"

For the Good of the Crafts ! Big AL

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I pretty much don't allow any outside inputs onto my farm except for irrigation water and fossil-fuels for the cultivation equipment. The irrigation water brings junk with it, but this is the desert, and irrigation water with weed seeds or -cides in it is better than no water.

I don't trust off-site organic materials to be free of -cides or other industrial poisons. I don't want to expend the labor and expense of acquiring and moving organic materials. I can grow my own... Besides, if I take materials from somewhere else, I am impoverishing that ecosystem.

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