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beautification, art, creativity around the lab and basecamp
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I was looking for a place to post pictures of some of the signs I wood burned in the last few weeks, but none of the other threads seemed appropriate.

This thread is documenting the beautification and artsifying of the lab and base camp, of wacky projects, craft work, photos; basically anything creative that doesn't have a home anywhere else.

I can see Jesse posting a video of a new song he wrote
I can see Evan and Fred taking pictures unusual to their usual
I can see someone slamming down a poem
I can Jocelyn posting a picture of her latest flower arrangement
I can see Paul posting a wildly inappropriate Permaculture joke
I can see Josh carving a bear out of a log with just a spoon. Take a pic of that Josh.

You get the idea. I hereby challenge you to post your creative side!

If far away permies folks want to contribute, I think it would.be amazing if you have weather resistant nature inspired art and crafts; wind chimes, wood art, clay art, etc that you want to donate to the' pretty up the lab's fund. A resident could find a home for it and take a picture for all to see.

So I'll start. Here are those sign pictures. I think I have developed a new hobby.

follow that turtle
[Thumbnail for 0814151654.jpg]
bee hut!
[Thumbnail for 0813152002.jpg]
submarine access
[Thumbnail for 0815151656.jpg]
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And a few more.
dance with a pig in a meadow
[Thumbnail for 0815152014.jpg]
you can cross
[Thumbnail for 0815152009.jpg]
thanks Zach for your sweet sign!
[Thumbnail for 0815151957.jpg]
Those look lovely!

Can I ask what your setup was for doing the burning? I renewed a sign a while ago and struggled to get the poker hot enough in a small fire. I presume I just need a hotter/larger fire?
Michael, I'm afraid my set up was not nearly as bad ass as yours sounds to be. I used this nifty tool (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005P1TRAS/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_awdm_eRE1vb1VKS05H), which plugs into the solar wagon at Allerton Abbey.
The signs look good and they will save countless hours of aimless wandering by newcomers.

The fire department in a rural area near here, reported that on 40% of shared driveways,there was no sign at the fork, indicating which house or barn or dead end a particular road lead to. He said that ambulance people had the same trouble, with precious time lost as a result. Good signs save time and sometimes lives.
Look what i found crawling in a scrap wood pile. I have a strong suspicion that this was placed there by Carol-Anne. What fun to find!
[Thumbnail for IMG_2264.JPG]
Aww what a cute lil snail!

'fraid I can't claim this one though. Who's the mystery artiste?

Still waiting for some art ala Fred to show up here
That is a really big piece of pie for such a tiny ad:
Self-Sufficiency in MO -- 10 acres of Eden, looking for a renter who can utilize and appreciate it.

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