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Is the Missoula Federal Credit Union the cheapest place to open an account?
I've been wanting to set up savings accounts for 2 of my 4 kids (2 are handled) and was wandering if MFCU was the cheapest place to open new accounts.  I know about 10 years ago the minimum deposit was only $5.00 there as opposed to $100 at US Bank.

Is there another bank that might be cheaper or more desirable to use?
This is from the missoulafcu.org website:

"•Initial deposit - this amount commonly ranges from $0 to over $500, depending on the type of checking account you wish to open. You may also be charged for the first box of checks when you open your account or the charge for check printing may automatically be withdrawn from your account. "

Hope this helps, although it looks like you might have to stop in for something more specific.
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