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Southern Style Permaculture Design Course 9/18-9/29
Learn from the folks at Spiral Ridge, that have been practicing permaculture for over 14 years and teaching for over 10. We have been trained by and taught with, top notch instructors and have mentored hundreds of students. We are particularly familiar with temperate systems and we are consistently living the permaculture life on an off-grid homestead/small farm and by working professionally as designers.

Internationally known ecological farm designer Darren Doherty says,

We’ve worked with Jennifer Albanese & Cliff Davis for a number of years now and found them refreshingly high on integrity and low on bravado, qualities that we at Regrarians just love in people. They are above all else great at the work that they do and truly walk their talk, whether it be hosting cutting edge events or real Permaculture Design courses (PDC’s) or in helping people develop their own dreams on a range of different sites in their region. Whenever we think of PDC’s or other workshops in the ‘south east’ we think straight away of Jen & Cliff! – Darren Doherty, Regrarians
We also have a great line up of fantastic guest instructors. We keep our classes small to allow for discussions, relationship building, and brainstorming for your own personal projects. Join us this fall for an event that can be “life-changing” as a recent participant states,

In one word “Life-changing” .In my 46 years one of the best decisions I have made,both personally and professionally. I highly recommend Spiral Ridges PDC course. I’ll definitely. be back! Cliff and Jennifer Thank You.

Get ready to….

Generate an inspired vision for your landscape.

Increase the yields and resilience of your backyard, homestead or farm.

Learn to create and implement a design from site analysis to completion.

Discover the secrets for rapid creation of healthy, and biologically active topsoil.

Plan for whole landscape water harvesting for your property.

Learn to improve efficiency and synergy between elements in your landscape.

Reduce costs and dependency on outside energy inputs, increase profits, and enhance livelihoods while improving your quality of life.

Create resilience and security for your family and your local community.

Contribute to the regeneration of land, water, and air quality to improve the health and wellbeing of the environment and it’s inhabitants.

Think in whole systems, rather than in parts, to understand and enhance the relationships between those parts. Whole systems thinking is a methodology that leads to successful problem solving because it mimics the behavior of natural systems.

Space is limited.

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more ... richsoil.com/wd-gardening.jsp

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