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Maps of wheaton laboratories
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Once upon a time, a Cartographer visited Wheaton Labs...
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Paul has approved this map for public sharing.
Wheaton Laboratory Map
[Thumbnail for WheatonLaboratory_Aug2015_04.jpg]
PDF format.
Filename: WheatonLaboratory_Aug2015_04.pdf
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I love that! Thanks Davin!
Davin, that's awesome! I've wanted to see this for a long time! What is the contour interval BTW? And approx elevation? (maybe full contour numbering is revealing too much?)
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I think elevation stuff is shared with people that have been here.

Davin and I spent a lot of time talking about what is okay to share publicly and what is not okay.

But, but, where's the "Volcano"?!

Nicole Alderman wrote:But, but, where's the "Volcano"?!

this is of the lab. paulcano was at base camp behind the house if I recall.
thanks Davin, that's super cool!
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Kerry Rodgers wrote:What is the contour interval BTW?

40 feet
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Here is a Letter Size Black and White Print without topography.
Wheaton Labs Map - Letter Size B&W Print
[Thumbnail for WheatonLaboratory_Aug2015_04_BWLetter.jpg]
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PDF format.
Filename: WheatonLaboratory_Aug2015_04_BWLetter.pdf
Description: Wheaton Labs Map - Letter Size BW Print PDF
File size: 1154 Kbytes
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Very cool.
Excellent map! Extremely well done!
DAVIN thank you so much, now we can start planning using more than "Oh I think it was over there" type planning. ; - )
A lot has changed since this map was made last summer. Here are a few ant village updates (with more to come in the next few weeks):

Jim is Evan and Kai's ant neighbor to the north.

Sean is on the other side of cat pond.

Steve, Evan's dad, is now Evan's neighbor to the south (on Chris' former site).


kadence blevins wrote:

Nicole Alderman wrote:But, but, where's the "Volcano"?!  

this is of the lab. paulcano was at base camp behind the house if I recall.

Late, late reply/clarification:   as you might have already figured out, kadence is right, the "hollowed out volcano with good submarine access" is a ~500-ft peak at base camp. In other words, wheaton labs is actually two pieces of property, 'base camp' and 'the lab,' which are about two miles apart. This map is for the lab only.

And more updates:

Janet's ant village plot is between Jesse's and Josh's.

wofati 0.8 is what we now call Cooper Cabin.

Allerton Abbey was formerly wofati 0.7.

The 0.7 and 0.8 mean they are test or beta versions. We're not even up to a version 1.0 yet!

I ran across this crappy image I made of the lower part of base camp. This probably shows about 1/4th or 1/5th of the property. The map is oriented with north at the top.

The hollowed out volcano with good submarine access rises to about a 500-ft peak directly west of the shop/auditorium (labeled only as auditorium in this map). Volcano road zig-zags from the red cabin (it's a turn off of the bend in the driveway not shown in this map) up the hillside to the back of the volcano.

The loveshack is also west of the shop/auditorium, and the tent pads are west up the hillside above the house and office/garage.

I made this for an older base camp dining hall / feeding the masses thread:

Note about water hydrants:  
the water hyrdrant across from the office and house is a bit hidden behind our huge hugelkultur berms.
the two water hyrdrants closest north and west of the shop have moved! (Thanks Fred!)

I think Janet was working on better base camp map for renters, though I'm not sure if she finished it.

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Here is the lab to date.
Wheaton Labs - May 2017
[Thumbnail for WheatonLabMap05_BW.jpg]
Filename: WheatonLabMap05_BW.pdf
Description: Wheaton Labs - May 2017
File size: 89 Kbytes
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Map of Wheaton Base Camp to date.
Wheaton Base Camp - May 2017
[Thumbnail for WheatonMap07_BaseCamp_Letter.jpg]
Filename: WheatonMap07_BaseCamp_Letter.pdf
Description: Wheaton Base Camp - May 2017
File size: 101 Kbytes
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