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You Can Make the Best Hot Tub Ever: Relax! Warm Your Bones! Get to Know the Sky by Becky Bee
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Source: amazon.com

Publisher: Groundworks


After years of smoky outdoor baths and burnt elbows and knees, Becky Bee, author of The Cob Builder's Handbook, discovered cob and made the bath of her dreams. So many friends wanted to know how to do it that she decided to make this book so even friends she hasn't met can have the pleasure of making and owning the best hot tub ever!
Unless you have had an outdoor bath, there is no way your imagination can see how absolutely divine it is. It's more like a temple than a bath. It is the reclaiming of an old ritual, balm to your soul, and a restorative for your body in the midst of the madness of modern life.
This book guides you through the steps of making a cob firebox under a metal tub. This booklet is written in simple language with lots of easy-to-follow pictures and drawings. And, to top it all off, you won't believe how affordable it is.
This little cob tub project is the most delightful way to start learning about natural building, giving you a hands-on introduction to subjects like drainage, site choice, design, foundations, and cob construction-with a hot bath as the reward.
Becky Bee has built natural structures in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Central America, and Samoa. Her company Groundworks, has been at the forefront of the cob revival: building, teaching workshops, and hosting natural building symposiums.
Source: amazon.com

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7 out of 10 acorns

It gets the job done, providing easily followed instructions to make a cob fire-heated hot tub. However, with the rocket heating innovation that has happened since this book was published, I think that second edition is in order. The book covers the basics of building with cob, where to place the tub, how to build the tub, sourcing parts, and considerations for adding other design elements like a composting loo/changing room.

I like the "here's the info, now get to it" attitude of the book; it got me inspired and led to my own hot tub out of cob. So thank you Becky!

The pictures are great too!
Gravity is a harsh mistress. But this tiny ad is pretty easy to deal with:
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