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Holzer Permaculture in Quebec

We are a few people living in the Laurentians, looking to integrate some Holzer Permaculture in the future developments of the property.

If there are any folks in Quebec with experience in Holzer design and technique, or maybe just anyone who has visited Krameterhof, we are keen to get together with you.

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Hi Scott,

I'm in Ontario, not Quebec...and I've made 8 hugelkultur beds, seen most of his videos, and had his 'permakultur' book translated for me by one of our gracious german interns. We've also begun construction on a Holzer style cedar post above ground root cellar.
Travis, do you have some updated info on how your root cellar is going.  I was also going to use the SH design, but use black locust instead of cedar as Paul suggested.  I have been dissuaded from going in that direction by some of our the other locals, and am now leaning towards block walls with two rooms one with a dirt floor, the other with a concrete floor and sealed walls.

I know its the busy time for everyone that grows stuff for a living, so no worries on a delayed response, just wanted to hear from someone that has done it and problems they have had.  We're trying to get over to the ecovillage in Ithaca NY to see the one that they have.  Silly isn't it.  Everyone should have one, and we have to drive an hour to see one.
Hey Ed,

The root cellar got put on hold because the guy leading the build crapped out on us. We have all the logs cut and on site, and have some of the soil and other materials needed to bury the beams. We're aiming to get it built before the fall but realistically its not going to happen. Not such a big issue as our basement has ample space for our current root crop needs.
Hi Scott!

I've just moved from Brooklyn, NY to my country place in Lanaudière, QC.

I'm a Holzer devotee. I've read his latest english book from cover to cover a few times now and I'm starting to apply some of his knowledge to my property. I've rebuilt and planted five 120 cm² (4′x4′) raised beds and the first of two 365 x 75 cm (12′x30″) beds last week. 5 more 120 x 300 cm (4'x10' beds will follow in the next few weeks.

I also plan on starting a terraced orchard this fall and building a earth sheltered cellar in the late fall or maybe next year.

I've contacted Holzer in the early spring to know what his teaching and visiting schedule was in the next months but unfortunately his few scheduled events did not fit my schedule.

I want to network with local permies and would love to meet with you guys. Can we get together this summer? I'm having a killer punk pétanque tourney on 23rd july...    Come and bring a team if you'd like!
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