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New resident here in Reeds Spring MO northwest of Branson
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I have recently moved to the beautiful Ozark mountains from sunny South Florida to help out my mom and dad with the dog, cat, and chickens and I love it here so far. I decided to up and leave a life of drudgery driving my car 45-55 hours a week delivering pizza and getting no where fast. I am slowly building up the miniscule flower garden my mother had going as I convince them to let me add more and more food. Fortunately (or unfortunately however you look at it, I like the physical workout) I have had to go at the dirt here with a pickaxe just o be able to get more than a single inch deep. Most recently I convinced mom to let me build a hugelkultur bed and dad doesn't seem so happy yet because as of right now it is merely a long pile of wood in the front garden (It's ugly.....fix it ). I would love to be able to find some fellow permies in the area if there are any. And as my mom has always said "HOWDY FROM THE COUNTRY"

I have been studying permaculture as a hobby part time for the last 3-4 years, and much more so in the last year. Most of what I have been able to learn has been through books as All of it is completely illegal in South Florida apartment living. I have read the entire Permaculture Design Manual by Bill Mollison, Sepp Holzer's Permaculture, And am currently working on Ben Falk's The Resilient Farm and Homestead.
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Good on you, Skip. Sounds like you are doing what you really want to do.

If I may, I suggest that you update your profile to indicate your new location. It may help you make contact with some more permies folks in the area.

Good luck on your adventure.
Thanks for the advice Bill. Duly noted and corrected.
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