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Kunekune pigs - what to feed  RSS feed

Pat Rasmussen
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We have five adult Kunekune pigs, 4 are females in various stages, some have babies, others are pregnant. 5 are young.

The pasture we have is not good, overgrazed and now losing what nutrition there was.

What do some of you feed Kunekunes when off pasture?

Thanks, Pat
Walter Jeffries
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Pat Rasmussen wrote:What do some of you feed Kunekunes when off pasture?

I don't have Kunekune pigs, we have large farm breeds like Yorkshire, Berkshire, Large Black and Tamworth but KuneKunes aren't all that different. In the warm months our pigs graze pasture which makes up about 80% of their diet. In the winter when we're up on snow pack we feed hay to replace the pasture. Alfalfa hay is probably the best but not available to us. We use hay mostly of grass, a little clover. It's large round wrapped bales so they ferment some and I set the hay out to get some composting action which improves digestibility. This gets the pigs through the winter and they do grow on this diet. Growth is faster if we also have dairy or eggs which we usually do. The dairy typically makes up to 7% of their diet - that provides lysine as do the eggs. See: and follow the feeding discussion and links.

Another issue is minerals. Get your soil tested. Selenium is the number one issue. Iron is next. If you're lacking in those then supplement. Kelp is good. Don't over feed the kelp due to the salt content. See:
and more here:

Jami McBride
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I have KuneKune pigs

Twice a day - I feed mine alfalfa hay. They seem to love oat straw too.

Also I give them about 2-4 cups each of this mix -

I make a mix up of 1/2 grass pellets and 1/2 alfalfa pellets - I soak this with a liquid (made up of 1 cup molasses, 1 cup kelp and 1 cup ACV + 5 gallons water). I add enough of this liquid to make the pellets mashed potato consistency. We also add clabbered whole milk from our cow when we have some left over now and then. When I didn't have the raw milk I would give them a little organic butter when the temps started going low.

I do not have sources for spent brewery grains, dairy cast offs, etc. But even with our poor grasses our pigs thrive.

I just love what Walter does, but I don't have the same situation, and couldn't get my pigs to eat grass hay for love or money (without soaking it in molasses *grin*).

Kelly Smith
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i wanted to bump this thread.

we have 4 kune kune pigs and plan to grow 3 out fro breeding and eat the other.
we bought them in Jan when they were 8 weeks old - just last week they finished the 50lb bag of feed we got the day we picked them up. we have been feeding them alfalfa and alfalfa mix hay and any scraps we have.
we are wanting to grow these pigs on grass/pasture alone. we may use some organic alfalfa pellets and molasses in the winter or when we have sows nursing.

it seems rare to see people eating these pigs. all reports from people who do eat them say the meat is great. anyone here with any 1st hand experience?

we hope to be able to kill/quarter the hogs on farm at some point, but we will likely take teh first few into the butcher to have processed.

we plan to graze the pigs along side our dairy cows and sheep/lambs - anyone know of a good reason this wont/i should do this? our pasture is pretty rich, and we rotated daily/every2 days so i am not to worried about competition for food.

here is a picture of all the animals wondering what in the world we just brought home....
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