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Permaculture Chickens DVD review

Source: Permaculture Chickens Kickstarter

Film-maker: Justin Rhodes


A "how to" film on raising chickens with nature from hatching to the plate!

A cinematic quality production that is highly entertaining and informative! It's all you need to know for raising your own chickens. From hatching your chicks to feeding your chickens, to building your chicken housing to butchering your chickens to putting them to work in your garden, to cooking chicken and eggs.

Where to get it?

Justin's Website!

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I just finished watching my brand-spanking-new Permaculture Chickens DVD by Justin Rhodes of Abundantpermaculture.com. First and foremost, it's great! So, that said, let me describe some of the reasons why I find it something very worthwhile to add to your self sufficiency library. The first cool thing I noticed was when I opened it up; most of your CD/DVD protective cases are made out of plastic. This one is made from heavy duty card stock with a little piece of cork for the disc to pop onto. That might not be such a big selling point but I thought it was a good use of non-toxic material. Good job, guys! The next thing I noticed is the professional quality of video and sound, which I think is a very important part of an enjoyable viewing experience. Everything from the proper lighting to the drone camera views to the original music, it's all top notch. Of course, you could have professional quality production and still be left with very little useful content. That, however, is not the case with Permaculture Chickens! Justin and his crew have jam packed this little gem with loads of good stuff. Everything a beginner needs is included along with lots of helpful info for the experienced chicken farmer. There are interviews with other folks like Joel Salatin who explain certain aspects of not only raising chickens but how to make it profitable, as well. Everything is neatly laid out in individual chapters for easy reference. Also, the editing work is really well done; very artistic with lots of little video clips and images and such. So, I give it a big "thumbs up" and hope that other folks will consider purchasing their own copy, not only for its great value but also to help support the good work at Abundant Permaculture!
Thanks for the great review, Gary!
I just bought my copy of it, as well. I am about half-way through the video. I'm waiting for my package in the mail to arrive. In the meantime, watching the digital download.

So far, so good. I agree with the great production values of this movie. It's a professional quality production.

Enjoying it so far. Hoping to see more about the rotational grazing for chickens to get some ideas for my small flock.

Tim Flood wrote:I just bought my copy of it, as well. I am about half-way through the video. I'm waiting for my package in the mail to arrive. In the meantime, watching the digital download.

So far, so good. I agree with the great production values of this movie. It's a professional quality production.

Enjoying it so far. Hoping to see more about the rotational grazing for chickens to get some ideas for my small flock.

Hi Tim remember to post a review using the acorn scale for DVD's and films to this thread so we add your review to the DVD and film review grid

Thanks for making the world a better place
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I give this film 9.5 out of 10 acorns !!!

First, I got to know Justin during the kickstarter and his passion in teaching, sharing and working was so strong he really struck me. The kickstarter was a great moment of building relations, and was the sign permies is a great community that shares a goal: making the world a better place. You see if permies were to back only Paul Wheaton's kickstarter campaigns there would be a big limit to all that permies is, permies isn't the "Paul show", and the response to Justin's project was a good example. There sure have been others, my experience was with this one so probably this is because I feel it so strong. Thats why my acorns scale is boiling high!
We should learn from Justin's strength in promoting his project, and become more bold in sharing on permies what we do, promoting what we do with great ideas, filling gaps in knowledge with resources that still are missing.
This is what Justin did. Permaculture chickens fills in a gap in what we had on chicken keeping, breeding, feeding.

Wait, before anyone tells me Justin has really not said anything new on chickens, and maybe the film is for beginners ... just wait a second. First it's true maybe Justin hasn't really shared anything new but he has had the idea of collecting the data and sharing it in a new way, with a new perspective: under a permaculture lens and on video.

The idea of a doing a film on this subject is great, and was missing. Nothing to say on this.

Second, for beginners? really? naa, sorry for those that feel experts but I'm sure the film shares good ideas on how to house, feed and care for chickens. We can always learn from others, at least that's what I get from reading many books, reading the forums here at permies, and watching films (I'm no expert in nothing really true), but If we were to think that we know everything on a subject, it would be really boring, and stupid. The nice thing is when we admit that we have learnt something even from the newbie and recognize we always learn something.
How many of us have cut their feed for 100%?

Justin has had the idea of mixing his film with sections where he speaks diretly, with sections where he interviews big names in chicken science: Lisa Steele, Pat Foreman and Joel Salatin, just to name three. I loved the part on natural health care for chickens, I think it's the section I loved most. I'm going to really try out and deepen my knowledge on this.
The film is two and a half hours long!!! can you read that again, yes: two and a half hours long!!
Fact-filled. I've started reading on chickens since a backed the project kickstarter campaign and know I'll get to chickens soon. The film gives me confidence on what to do. The power of visual comunication is real and this film is powerful, watch the trailer to see for yourself.

As Justin puts it, yeah I'm listening to the trailer while writing the review I do it from time to time I like the music and the knowledge : "books don't alway's have the answer, and people are out there wanting to learn this stuff, I want to help them out, I want to teach them and there is a quick and easy way to do it": permaculture chickens the film!
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I give this DVD 8 out of 10 acorns.

I like this DVD very much. It contains all necessary information on how to start your adventure with chickens. I do not have chickens yet so I was unable to follow Justin's advice but I have had a chance to pass this knowledge to the neighbor who rises a few, and it was very helpful.
Two parts of this film are excellent - one on alternative feeds for chickens and second about keeping chickens in good helth naturally.
I like a part on urban chickens as well.
I will watch this film once again for sure before I finally get some chickens for myself. It is great resource for a novice chicken owners like me.

We need similar films for other animals - goats, sheep, ducks, rabbits, etc.
After having watched the video I will provide my own honest review. I would also give it 8 out of 10 acorns.


First off, a lot of the information in this video is NOT information you will generally find elsewhere. I wont get into too much detail about what is shared in the video (go buy it!) but suffice it to say that the video is truly helpful for those trying to keep chickens in a sustainable manner while being on a budget.

That leads me to my next point, you can tell the methods in this video are personally tested by Justin. This is not hypothetical "oh you could raise chickens this way", this is how he raises chickens. These are also methods that are very low cost which is important because not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend on chickens.

The interviews were interesting as well.


Only one real con and while it sounds petty I will report it to be honest. I was not a fan of the dvd case that it came in. Oh it looked nice but the novelty wore off when I realized it would look very out of place among my other dvds. Not a huge deal and I plan to make a new dvd case for it, but it would have been nice to be able to choose which type of case you would like.
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Hey guys, guuuuesss what?! More freebies, that's what!

In celebration of the release of the film, "Permaculture Chickens"...

Justin Rhodes is gonna give you access to THREE popular chapters for free!

The ever so popular, DIY mobile Chicken Coops.
20 creative Feeds (from your backyard) to cut costs 100%.
And, How to humanely butcher, step by step.

What’s the catch?

There’s two:

Catch #1 - You've only got 48 hours access….

This Friday, February 19th from 10pm EST until Sunday February 21st at 10pm EST.

Catch#2 - There’s no obligation for viewing the free chapters, but you will be given the opportunity to purchase his entire film (should your heart desire).

Think of this as a "try it before you buy it deal". But, if you still don't buy, no big deal.

Click HERE to sign up for this FREE weekend viewing.
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It's spring - who here has been implementing some of Justin's techniques with their chickens? Share some pictures here, I'm sure he'd love to see your chickenings!

Just brooding my little Langshans right now!
[Thumbnail for P3120045.JPG]
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ive been gearing up my own special one horse chicken tractor

hunter holman wrote:ive been gearing up my own special one horse chicken tractor

Combining horses and chickens? This I must see!
no chicken tractors being pulled by my small quarter horse
Hey everyone - big news.

Justin just informed me that these DVDs are going to be getting an overhaul in a couple of weeks.

After his next webinar, they will be unavailable until around the middle of August, at which point the price will be increasing.

So I guess consider this your final push if you've been on the fence about buying these DVDs - get em while they're cheap! They've become wildly popular, and soon the product will adapt to fit its massively growing audience.
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You guys, YOU GUYS. Justin just sent us an email, and apparently he's offering a FREE viewing of the permaculture chickens film!

For two days only, you'll have access to the complete film, which is usually priced at $49 to start!

48 HOURS ONLY - Dec 2nd, 8pm EST - Dec 4th 8pm EST

To get FREE access to the film, sign up here.
Watching this enjoyable film right now.  Thanks, Justin!
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I give this film 7 out of 10 acorns...

I was one of the lucky folks who signed up to watch the free access and did so with the entire family.  The editing was well done and the content is definitely family friendly!  

The intro is strong with interviews from Salatin and Freeman, and the close is strong with the same!  We've been watching Justin's vlog as a family for quite some time and it is clear in the movie that he just isn't as comfortable with being in front of the camera as he is now.  The info is solid and well formatted.  Overall a good film!
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A bit late to the party, but sharing one of our chicken videos as well! Hope you guys enjoy :)

It will give me the powers of the gods. Not bad for a tiny ad:
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