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Fuels burned in the rocket stove

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hello people
This is my little simple rocket stove made by me, and
you can see how a rocket stove works on mixed fuel.
Use wood and plastic together, for higher caloric power.
No smoke

If you want, post what fuel you burn in yours stoves..
Now I'm working on a System for burn diesel fuel in the stove

here is the link with a video of my stove
Rocket stove burning mix: wood and plastic part 1
I hope that will be useful to see how it works with plastic and wood waste.

Regards from MultiTehnica Romania Bucharest
And stay warm..winter is coming
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Location: Southern alps, on the French side of the french /italian border 5000ft elevation
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George. I gonna repeat myself.

Since you have built out of metal, not insulated. This type of contraption can't realy be called a rocket. It's just a downdraft metal stove.

And, since there's no insulation, high temperatures can't be reached. I mean, not high enough.

The dioxins are produced the most between 400C° and 700C°. But as another staff member said, there's always the risk of HCL smoke produced by the pvc. Which could even kill you.

And further reading, seem to lead to the conclusion that HCL condensing, and mixing with ashes produces dioxin again.

So, please, get this thing tested wen burning plastic. Just in case you're poisoning your neibors or yourself.

Do you have a baby around? I'd say, be carefull of what you are burning.
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Location: Upstate NY, zone 5
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This is a typical youtube-style metal "rocket stove", with no downdraft at all. As Max says, because there is no insulation, it cannot reach the truly high temperatures needed for destruction of chemicals. I would not claim it is safe, even though there is no visible smoke, until you have tested the exhaust. It hardly even qualifies as a rocket, as the essence of that is an insulated combustion chamber that keeps all the heat inside until combustion is complete.

This style of stove is excellent for cooking, and may work better than a standard woodstove for instant heating, but is far less effective than a rocket mass heater at keeping a space comfortable day and night.
george theodor
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In this video i show only, you can burn plastic with wood in a rocket stove ..
I don't say You should do that or it is a non polluting burn ...

In addition to the chemicals listed in the table, wood smoke also contains a large amount of unreacted air, carbon dioxide . It contains a variable amount of mold spores. VOCs are volatile organic compounds. Aldehydes found in wood smoke include formaldehyde, acrolein, propionaldehyde, butryaldehyde, acetaldehyde and furfural. Alkyl benzenes found in wood smoke include toluene. Oxygenated monoaromatics include guaiacol, phenol, syringol and catechol. Numerous PAHs or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are found in smoke. Many trace elements are released. Reference: EPA Report Many substances on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) priority pollutant list, many suspected human carcinogens, co-carcinogens (cancer initiators or promoters), and cilia-toxic agents (poisonous to the hair- equipped cells which filter most particles out of the respira- tory tract) have been identified from wood smoke particles.
Chemical g/kg Wood
carbon monoxide 80-370
methane 14-25
VOCs* (C2-C7) 7-27
aldehydes 0.6-5.4
substituted furans 0.15-1.7
benzene 0.6-4.0
alkyl benzenes 1-6
acetic acid 1.8-2.4
formic acid 0.06-0.08
nitrogen oxides 0.2-0.9
sulfur dioxide 0.16-0.24
methyl chloride 0.01-0.04
napthalene 0.24-1.6
substituted napthalenes 0.3-2.1
oxygenated monoaromatics 1-7
total particle mass 7-30
particulate organic carbon 2-20
oxygenated PAHs 0.15-1
Individual PAHs 10-5-10-2
chlorinated dioxins 1x10-5-4x10-5
normal alkanes (C24-C30) 1x10-3-6x10-3
sodium 3x10-3-2.8x10-2
magnesium 2x10-4-3x10-3
aluminum 1x10-4-2.4x10-2
silicon 3x10-4-3.1x10-2
sulfur 1x10-3-2.9x10-2
chlorine 7x10-4-2.1x10-2
potassium 3x10-3-8.6x10-2
calcium 9x10-4-1.8x10-2
titanium 4x10-5-3x10-3
vanadium 2x10-5-4x10-3
chromium 2x10-5-3x10-3
manganese 7x10-5-4x10-3
iron 3x10-4-5x10-3
nickel 1x10-6-1x10-3
copper 2x10-4-9x10-4
zinc 7x10-4-8x10-3
bromine 7x10-5-9x10-4
lead 1x10-4-3x10-3
Posts: 4154
Location: Northern New York Zone4-5 the OUTER 'RONDACs percip 36''
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George Theodor : A very impressive list, probably the most complete listing I have ever seen . Wood smoke is however only part of the unburned components
to be found in the Unburned Effluent Discharge of Your Unit.

It is the personal opinion of your other Fellow Members ( that I share !) That Your Unit can not be made to burn at the freaky high temperatures of A Properly
built Rocket Mass Heater RMH, Which equals or exceeds the Efficiencies of the best ( Water Vapor) Condensing Hydrocarbon fueled furnaces.

Exactly as you have the right to post your personal experiences with the unit you have created, and speculate on the range of uses and roles it might be put to;
it it important that in fairness to the scholastic efforts of future Rocketeers who may find their way to this Thread that it is Clearly noted that your Unit as it is
presently configured- is limited in its ability to perform well with most hydrocarbon fuels !

In the spirit of fairness and remembering that we all started from zero in understanding and embracing the Science Of Rocket Heaters and always -

"For the Good of the Crafts ! " Big AL

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