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Permaculture Design Course over 6 weekends in Forres, Moray, Scotland
Ludwig Appeltans from Earth Ways with several guest teachers will be teaching a permaculture design course spread over 6 weekends.

The course will take place at the beautiful location of Newbold House in Forres.

The dates are:
March 26-27 2016
April 30-May 1
May 28-29
June 25 -26
July 23-24
Aug 20-21 2016

Includes 90+ hours of tuition learning permaculture design from Ludwig Appeltans and several guest teachers, a certificate of completion from the PDC from the Permaculture Association Britain

Includes delicious lunch provided by the Newbold chefs and garden.

there are possibilities to learn permaculture hands-on at our farm.

Homework over the 6 months will be supported online.

Overnight B&B services are available at Newbold (not included in the price)

Optional Sat evening activities included.

The last weekend will be an exciting event! More information will follow.

Prices are on a sliding scale according to financial means and income. £450 for peopl with very little money up to £800 for people who can afford it. If £450 is too much, Bursaries can be available or other ways to reach a fair exchange can be negotiated, Part Lets accepted.

Discount available for second member of a family or group.

More information will be available as the course preparation takes shape or feel free to ask questions.

Create symphonies in seed and soil. For this tiny ad:
It's like binging on 7 seasons of your favorite netflix permaculture show

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