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Indian Corn Recipe
I bought some of the beautiful multicolored corn from the Farmer's Market this weekend. The woman who sold it to me called it Indian corn, but most of the recipes I found online say that Indian corn is actually white.

This corn has dark magenta, red, and orange kernels. Is it called Indian Corn? Is it edible? Does anyone have a good recipe?
If it's hard as a rock I think it's mostly just for decorations.  I've seen those since I was a kid but have never seen anyone actually use it for food.  You could probably grind it up and turn it into a tortilla during hard times but until then, it looks nice?

If it's soft, use it just like any other corn.  I like to mix up the yellow and white to give stews a little more color but they look pretty similar in the end.  The kind you mention would make for a cool looking dish.
Check out a Chef Ari column from a couple of weeks (month?) ago about how to use hard colored corn in pozole

The article on making Cinco de Maize is posted here: http://www.flashinthepan.net/?p=352
Great recipe! I'll definitely add that to my "to make" list of printouts on my fridge.
I was talking to a friend about this yesterday, and she seemed to recall making popcorn with this type of corn as a child. She said they would put the whole cobb in the microwave and all the kernels would pop off. Sounds like fun, though a little messy. I'll have to try it and report back. (They do sell multicolored popcorn kernels in bulk at the Good Food Store.)
Cob is sand, clay and sometimes straw. This tiny ad is made of cob:
Groundnuts, Chestnuts, Elderberry, Comfrey+ from Interwoven Nursery

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