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New educational program with a focus on the intentional community aspects of permaculture in Oregon
If anyone is looking for some Permaculture inspiration with a strong community tie in check out a new program from Lost Valley Educational Center. Lots of good things happening here now!

Want to learn how to live well at all levels, with yourself, the people around you, and the natural world? Then the Holistic Sustainability Semester is for you! It is an educational experience in the five layers of sustainability – personal, social, ecological, economic, and worldview... Learn more at lostvalley.org

This course runs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 12 weeks, integrating classroom learning (utilizing lecture, the art of discussion, case studies, and hands-on) with an immersion experience as a resident in our intentional community (which goes by the name Meadowsong Ecovillage). Students who complete the 3-month course receive two internationally-recognized certificates: the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC), which is the standard in basic permaculture education, and the Ecovillage Design Education certificate (EDE), a holistic sustainability standard anchored by Gaia Education.

Courses run for three semesters in 2016: spring (March-May), summer (June-August), and fall (Sept.-Nov.). Choose your seasonal adventure.

Who this is for: If you are interested in being part of growing conscious culture in its many applications, from healing to food forestry to sharing economy to conflict resolution, this experience is for you. You will be exposed to many different angles on what living well means, and be surrounded by residents and fellow students of similar interests and values. If you are feeling demoralized by the state of the mainstream world, seek more meaning, or long to arrive in your thrive, the Holistic Sustainability Semester is for you.

What you will (l)earn: After your three months here you will leave with a PDC certificate, an EDE certificate, a taste of many different manifestations of sustainability, and greater direction regarding what you want to do with your future (and what you don’t want to do). You will get a sample of many different topics in comprehensive sustainability, such as earthworks, spiral dynamics, microbusiness development, and ritual as worldview. You’ll have amply chance to play with and explore others topics through the full three months, such as personal mindfulness practice, collective decision-making, organic gardening, and permaculture design. They all work together to build your long-term capacity as a resilient and valuable person.
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