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Place near Russellville Arkansas?
Hi everyone. I'm kind of a long time lurker & learner but haven't posted before.
Anyway, me and my fiance' will soon be looking for somewhere to rent in the Russellville area for a few months. We'll either rent an rv lot, or maybe look for a reasonable rental house or apartment. We would very much prefer to find a private rv lot that we could rent.
We will also be keeping an eye out for a small piece of land to buy in the near future. I just wanted to check here at permies to see if anyone may have an rv space or cabin for rent, or maybe even a lot or few acres to sell. It's only the two of us.. no pets or children, and we'll be working while we're there. I'd love to find somewhere in the country to stay where maybe I could grow a few tomatoes & other veggies. And if time allows, I wouldn't mind helping out with projects/gardening/etc. that you might have going on.
Our rv is a small-ish size, 21' and 30 amps. We would need water/sewer/power... and internet
I really don't want to have to end up staying in an rv park, so if any of you have a place you'd like to rent/share, I would appreciate it very much. You can email me with any questions or suggestions at AtomicSnowflake at gmail dot com, or just send a pm.
-Thanks in advance
Hi, Zelda, welcome to permies.....I have family near Russellville so will ask around Are you looking for land near there also or farther out?
For the near future, I will need to find somewhere to rent that is reasonably near the nuke there. I've worked there a few times before, and fell in love with that general area. Ideally, I'd like to also be able to find land to buy that is near enough so that a daily drive to work wouldn't be too terribly far away.
I'm hopefully supposed to begin work out there in March... and I really don't want to have to stay in a motel. The last few times I was there, I was able to share a house with someone else, and that worked out really well. I'm not sure how long this particular work is scheduled to last, but I'm thinking maybe a few months or so. But if I'm able to find land while I'm out that way... that would be just awesome!
-and thank you for the reply
Just to update. I'm still looking for somewhere to rent, or possibly buy.
I promise we're both really nice people and mind our own business...lol Love fishing, gardening, & nature. We're both electricians, and go through full government background checks for clearances on a regular basis.
I just really would love to stay somewhere that I can grow some veggies this year, even if it's only in a small 2x4 small bed. And the parks wont let me
Manly gardening for manly men. Gardening with an excavator.

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