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Gasifier engines
Good day, I am trying out my new gasifier enjin runnung from charcoal. I cannot seem to get the charcoal "gas" to lit/make a flame. As soon as I even connect the pipe to the air intake of the enjin, the enjin dies? Can anyone help out a beginner, is the charcoal old, should I try wood instead, what is better. I have read up alot, but will be glad if I can find some help. Thanks
do you have an air intake on your hose as well? You have to mix air into the system as well as the gas. You didn't mention adjusting the air flow so just checking.
Good day mr Joseph, thanks for the quick help and reply, appreciated... I do not have a air intake. Right now I only have a hose coming from the "burning" charcoal cylinder ( a 6inch diameter pipe ), with a 4 feet hose connected at the top. Then i try to light at the end of this hose, at first to see if it makes a "blue" flame, but it even kill the flame from the firelighter as soon as it hits the outcoming gas?
Do you have any pictures? Where did you get plans? It sounds like you might have missed some things. If you can post pics and plan, perhaps I can help you sort this out. Right now, as strange as it may sound, it is good that it isnt working. Gasification produces a lot of tar that would foul your engine very quickly if run straight from combustion chamber to engine. You need filters along the way.
I will do so, thank you sir... Will send pics asap... I dont have any filters or nothing yet, i am stil trying to only get a flame, which i struggle with, so i think my charcoal is no good. But i will send a pic, thanks for the help so far. The only plans is what i saw on the internet from what everyone is doing and using. You would laugh if you see what i actually have, but i try to keep it simple untill i find the right "gas/wood"... When i can get a "blue" flame, i will sort out the filters and evything, i only tried to connect to the enjin to see whether it would even run, but then the enjin died... Can i use any wood off cuts you think, i am using "Mopanie" and / or " Rhodesian teak" charcoal... should I rather try the wood peices instead of charcoal you think?

Thanks sir

Or maybe, do you have the app on your phone, Whatsapp? then we can talk on the chatline...? What is your phone number sir? mine is +26 96 116 0109. Zambia, Southern Africa


Casper du Preez wrote:... I cannot seem to get the charcoal "gas" to ... flame. ... should I try wood instead

No direct experience, but have worried on this bit conceptually.
Maybe the charcoal has no syngas left to give? Seems to me charcoal made to fuel a gasifier should come with more BTU's left per unit volume than more-heat-distilled charcoal made for not-fuel uses, like feedstock for activated carbon, or adding to animal feed. Can you get more-assuredly gasifier fuel charcoal??

Per often repeated internet advice:
Don't use wood gas to fuel an internal combustion engine prior to taking the precautions needed to avoid seizing up the engine due to tar.
Hi sir...

Good deal, thanks... Maybe the charcoal is out of gas then...they make it here in the "bush", will see if i can get brand new charcoal....
I attach a phot of my idea..like i said, at first i only want to get a flame, will then add all the filters and things that you mentioned...thanks... what do yo uthink, is the "gas" tank to small?
[Thumbnail for 180220161315.jpg]
I turn the thing upside dow, fill with charcoal...at the bottom it has some mesh wire kind of...then put it on something to lift it from the ground and light it....all is good and i get good gas...but it wont light at the end of the pipe...?
thank for the help...i am goind to start and try some other charcoal...!
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